Saturday, October 9, 2010

There are some duplications for the stock message board posts below. The purpose of this web site is to demonstrate that the financial system is far from robust and is thus not amenable to investing. The present system is a design failure that is geared to help those who can influence or manipulate it and for the rest who do not have this power can at best guess what will happen as stock prices are only loosely related to the profitability of a corporation. Beginning October 1, 2010, unlike most other periods of an unfair marketplace, it appears as though the Federal Reserve, in an effort to try to regain investor confidence, pumped up the markets so that a 12% rise occurred in just 5 weeks' time. This may sound good to many who think high stock prices means it is wonderful, but if you understand what I wrote on the Stock Market Problem
site, you will know that this is not only unfair to those who trade in other ways than by going "long" but it creates a more unstable market for those who buy at propped-up prices because it then becomes a greater risk of losing since the price could fall down to what could be considered "fair value". The Stock market System is already rigged but now with the Federal Reserve involved to cause greater instability, it makes for the worst legalized gambling system on the planet.


And we have the Fed propping up the stock markets to make it overheated just like for the housing market. With stock prices too high, the only right way to invest is to short-sell but the Fed is hurting those people. What choice do people have? Put in bank to earn 0.01% to 0.50%? My statement today from chase shows I am earning 0.01%, not 1% but 1/100 of 1 percent! I will not overpay for stocks so the only real alternative is to short-sell and with the Fed doing its insidious POMO dealings (look it up), people like me are losing money! Why should we be forced to buy stocks that are overpriced? This game is rigged and I am sick of it!

The only real way is to remove illegals, fine corporations who use foreign workers and share in the work with a reduced workweek. jobs are not created with any substance unless it serves a long-term need. With business efficiencies we should have had a 35 hour workweek long ago, but it's impractical while taxes are so high. We need to get rid of 4 million government workers to reduce taxes for all to make it happen so that net pay will not be much different with the 5 hours less worked.

People keep thinking you can make jobs out of thin air. Government can do it and drive up the national debt, but that is the band-aid approach utilized by brain-deficient people.

In the book "Thoughtful Living" by T. Blankenhorn, it was proposed long ago to lessen the salaries of government workers. For free look at thoughtful living notes and see the proposed method for the public setting the wages of government employees.

The people who pay the salaries of government workers do not even have a say in the matter? Who is the public servant when the servant makes more than the master?

For 40 years I have seen government workers take advantage of their sweet high-paying jobs with more paid holidays, great pensions by shopping for food while on the clock, or going home for a long lunch, or seeing 6 guys hang around one spot just talking. I'd go up to such people and ask what they are doing and I get bad responses. Even in San Francisco I saw a cop buy a lottery ticket while on duty - and though to many of you this seems fine, it is still gambling while on duty. I saw SF cops not making full stops at pedestrian crossings, making turns without using their turn signals and complained to the mayor but of course nothing happens.

They are all out of control and they do not care about the people who pay their salaries!

When the right person arises to take hold of this situations, we will need those FEMA camps that are spread across this country to house the present and recent past government employees.

One time I even saw in San Francisco an Asian man getting out of a county car marked health department. It was remarkable that he chose to park in a red zone. I chose to confront this guy (I should be a secret agent as I'd enjoy catching these criminals), anyway the guy went into a candy store and handed over some money then was licking his fingers. I thought how amazing that was as well, even worse than being parked in the red zone! How could a guy be working in the health department and be licking his fingers [in public] after touching money? How did he get hired? I do know from wanting a job in the SF County that they actively recruit based on affirmative action and every single person I saw at the employment office were of some minority status - I thought I was in the wrong country!

First step to economic recovery is by cutting at least 20% of the government employees and cutting salaries and pensions by an average of 50% to be more in-line with the private sector. In this way $1.2 Trillion could be saved annually. But no one wants to take this stand. No one wants home prices to fall either to enable a lower cost of living - the policies only work to help the rich or who bought homes already and not the people who want to buy a home at a reasonable price. And we also have the Federal Reserve wasting more of our money to prop up the stock markets to enable the rich to stay rich without it falling to more reasonable valuations so smart people could actually invest.

So the Treasury Department is involved just like the Federal Reserve is propping up the stock market.

There is no investor support for the stock market nor for buying into yet another corporation that everyone knows was a scam before and will be a scam later just like the big banks are now that are not paying decent interest rates and are getting huge bonuses.

So, we have to look to foreign markets now? LOL.

Once the public awakens to not just our national debt of $13.5 Trillion but also our State debt of $1.13 Trillion, and of our Local government debt of $1.99 Trillion adding to $16.6 Trillion which exceeds our GDP, but also including our Federal unfunded liabilities of $110.5 Trillion, we have a governmental debt of $127 Trillion, it will be well known that our country is bankrupt FOR REAL and the Federal Reserve is playing the public for fools!

Ordinary government employees is where most of your money is going to. They make about 80% on average more in total compensation than private sector workers. We have 20 million of them and so many getting fat pensions. They are causing America to be bankrupt. Almost every State in this country is in the red because State and local government employees are given too much money and their pensions are the added insult on taxpayers.

It's time we shed 20% of the government workforce and slash the salaries and pensions by an average of 50% to save $1.2 Trillion per year.

This stock market should have continued falling from the end of August but for it to suddenly it reverses and so fast while the economic data has been absolutely horrible shows extreme manipulation.
DOW below 9000 should have already occurred but the Federal Reserve has this Permanent Open Market Operations that insidiously is used to prop up the financial markets even though there is no real money to support the high prices.
The Federal Reserve did not care about their mandate when home prices doubled as thye think any prices high is good and low is bad but they are morally and intellectually corrupt in thinking so. There is something called fair prices but that does not serve the rich.

The Federal Reserve needs to lay off the markets to enable fair prices. People who do not own stocks have to pay too much if they want to get in the stock market and if they do not own a home they have too pay too much because the Federal Reserve just wants to help the rich who are already owners of these types of assets.

Our national debt plus state and local government debt now is $16.6 Trillion and unfunded liabilities is $110.5 Trillion and we still have to pump home prices and stock market? This economy is going to self-destruct - you can't have so much funny money going in without eventual fallout.

Bernanke already paid $1 million to help foul up this economy. His salary is at about $200K but also does not include his many perks. You think he cares about the average citizen who is hurting from the inflation up till now? Food prices so high, stock prices too high, home prices too high, rental prices too high, government increasing car registration fees, losing more jobs to overseas workers, etc.

The bottom should have fallen out of this over-stimulated, over-manipulated, over-priced stock market.

Sell all of your stocks if you have not already. Do not believe the ignorant greedy minds who do not use the brain God gave them by believing the pundits. You must get out now! No waiting. I can tell you this country will be worse than the times of the 1930's.

The stock market is overpriced especially in light of the national debt, including the state and local government debt of $16.6 Trillion which is greater than the GDP of $14.55 Trillion.

This is 40 times worse than for Greece.

Why are these reporters and wall street reporters wanting more funny money in the system? Is it the only way they can make stock prices too high that hurts those who need to invest? People are forced to sit on their money making 0-1% in a bank or pay 50% too high prices in the stock market. There is no good choice except to short-sell this market.

News just out today. Yakima Washington, Seattle Washington area. They are just beginning to feel the home foreclosures. They had a lag of 1.5 years but now getting hit hard.
Home foreclosures will exceed 1 million in 2010 and likely the same in 2011.
The Fed is pumping funny-money into financial markets to give all of you a false sense of security. I am telling you this straight-up, you must sell all of your stocks as soon as you can. The bottom will be much lower than last time as no country can survive off of phony money to mask the debt that exceeds the GDP.
This stock market manipulation to make stocks go up in the worst economy we have ever faced is much much worse than when people just freely bought stocks in 2000.
The Federal Reserve is behind this to try to get stupid people to buy. Now is the time to sell, do not get fooled, I am warning you!

The bad news keeps coming and yet the stock market is going up higher and higher. Who could stupidly be buying into these high prices? This market needs to be down at least 20-30% before we can even get near what would be a fair prices, actually 60% lower.
Does not everybody know that our country's debt of $16.6 Trillion already passed our GDP? You need to account for the State and local debt summing to $3.12 Trillion. And then there is the unfunded liabilities amounting to $110.5 Trillion!

Do you think we can continue in this way without radical changes including soaring taxes? You have to be a fool to be buying stocks at such high prices when this economy is being crushed.

So people are using credit less. Discover profit is 50% of last year. And so why is this manipulated stock market still going up? We still are losing jobs, there is no improvement unless stupid reporters tell you. We can not even add 1 job. 50K jobs lost last month and if you add to the 150K people due to population growth, we lost 200K from the workforce. We have $130 Trillion government debt with a GDP of only $14.5 T so our debt is 9 times higher! The 130 includes state local and state debt plus the unfunded social security and medicare costs.

This means the country is doomed yet you have the Fed pumping up the financial system to have unfair prices. We can not even get median home prices under the ratio of 3 relative to median salaries that would indicate fairness in home prices. That ratio is holding at 6 to 10 in many metro areas which says homes are 2-3 times too expensive still. This country is really doomed. And 20 million government workers with 80% greater total compensation including are these people going to keep getting paid -higher taxes?

Home foreclosures keep making record highs. Record high in July, then August makes a record high.

So how is the stock market up almost every day in this month? You know it's all manipulated.

More importantly when you can't buy a home when you can't count on being employed and even more important is the prices. The median home prices are still 30% higher than the standard ratio of 3 relative to yearly salaries.

Currently the median home price is $180K but needs to fall to $120K to be consistent with historical ratios.

If the recession is over why does the federal Reserve need to keep pumping up the markets and try to keep home prices up too high?

Why are banks not releasing foreclosed homes? 100K new foreclosed homes each month but they are trying to keep them all from coming onto the market.

Why can't there be any gains in employment?


If everyone who is not a millionaire would just sell all their stocks and buy Short ETFs we can send wall street and the rich a big message. We need to give a kick start to getting the DOW down to 4K where it belongs.


People are using credit cards less. Look at Discover card revenues that are 50% of last year! Be prepared for negative GDP growth on next quarterly report to put us back in recession or rather keep us in it the entire time.

We should not count this period of government putting band-aids on the economy. We have a $16.6 Trillion national, state, and local debt before even counting the $110.5 Trillion unfunded liabilities!. This is more than 100 times worse on total debt compared to Greece and more than 40 times worse than Greece relative to just the government debt.

Be patient and sell all your stocks. You will see the DOW well below 8K, 6K, maybe even 4K.

Government employees got on average a 6.9% raise last year, no matter if there is a recession/depression. They are already way overpaid compared to private sector employees which makes the term "public servant" meaningless when the taxpayers is now the servants to them.

Since year 2000, government added 2 million jobs and private sector lost 3 million jobs. No joke, look it up.

And then there are 18 million added to the workforce due to population growth so we have a total net loss of 17 million out of work that government will not count since 2000.

More evidence people are not propping up this overpriced stock market. It is the Federal Reserve playing us like fools to try to get us to buy overpay for stocks so the rich who the Fed represent can sell their stocks at extremely high prices.

This is a masked depression masked by tremendous debt and lies put forth by the media.

Be strong in your mind. Sell every one of your stocks and go short in this market. Together we can make a CHANGE and send Wall street and the ultra rich a powerful message.


We have to give a kick start to making the DOW get down to 4K where it belongs. Get going and do not delay. Put your 401K mutual funds in a money market fund. Do not hold when this market is set to crash. Research short ETF indexes and buy into those at 52-week lows TODAY! Do not wait!

Economy is a fraud. Obama administration a fraud. The treasury department a fraud. The federal reserve a fraud. Other countries should act on this total fraud and pull their money out of our financial system.

#1 way to kick start the economy is to get the Fed out of manipulating the stock market.

#2, eliminate 20% of government workers and cut their salaries and pension on average of 50% to be more in-line with the private sector to save $1.2 Trillion per year.

Brave enough to work 3 days per year and have hot chicks running after you only because you have a blue uniform.

It's a job that's worth $30K-50K per year max. These pensions are bankrupting America but those Firemen, Cops, Teachers, and the rest of retired government workers do not care. They have been soaking America for the last 30 years with their outrageous salaries and pensions.

See thoughtful Living Notes for more information.

Not likely. We are still in it. Wait till the next GDP figure comes out. Last time it was up only 0.6% and I mean that and not 1.6%. Use the convention I devised that adjusts for population growth so all these numbers need to have 1% subtracted from them to get a per capita growth. Imagine if the population growth was 10% but the GDP rose at an annualized 9%, can you see that is a loss on a per person basis? This is partly why you see large GDP figures for India and China.

The stock market is up on manipulation. We have been getting almost nothing but bad news but media is twisting the facts.

Let's account for the immediate debt of this government of $16.6 Trillion which exceeds the GDP of $14.55 Trillion. Let's account for the federal liabilities that are not funded of $110.5 trillion.

We are seriously bankrupt and to be long in this contrived market is extremely risky. You should be out or short-selling it only.

It does not. it helps only the richest.

We do not even need those from other countries, skilled or not. Not even agricultural workers. We have only 2 million of those now, 30 years ago we had 5 million. Only 1 million of them are citizens. The other 1 million could be made up of college students on summer breaks. See my site or book.

We could have a 35 hour workweek to lower unemployment rate but we would need to cut taxes and that means cutting government workers, i recommend 20% and have salaries and pensions cut by an average of 50% to be more in-line with the private sector. I will do the math for you. The net incomes will hardly changes with 5 hours less worked.

The Federal Reserve is messing up the stock market, making too high of valuations to make it too risky to buy stocks. The only way to invest now is to short sell but the Fed is hurting those who use their brain in avoiding paying for overpriced stocks.

The Federal Reserve should not be involved in any of this. It's policies that Congress can do, including cutting the size of government and drastically reducing salaries and pensions of government employees. After this, a lower legal workweek could be effected with lower taxes per person to offset the fewer hours worked. The unemployment level would then go down.

Other policy measures would to remove those who are not in this country legally and penalize corporations who do not use American labor.

And the even tougher policy decision is to limit the number of homes owned by a person to allow for more opportunities and lower home prices by there not being so many homes concentrated by a few. We also need banks to let loose of all the foreclosed homes to lower the cost of homes and thereby lowering the cost of living. But this would be tough to do because the rich would not be able to profit as much off those who have less.

If I have to get myself in the position to make this happen I may have to. We have less than intelligent people involved with policy and the Federal Reserve Chairman only wants to hold up very high prices to serve the special interests of the rich and which hurts those who are not financially established. No point in buying a home when they are still more than 3 times the median salary and no point buying stocks when the profit per earnings ratios are around 30. With the bank closures, there is less competition so that the banks left standing can offer less interest on accounts. Chase, for example, offers 0.01% interest on savings accounts having more than $1,000. That is written correctly, 0.01% or 1/100 of 1%, not 1%.

I do not see anyone who has the leadership skills and the knowledge to see what really needs to happen.

And let's not forget the $16.6 Trillion national, state, and local debt that exceeds the $14.55 Trillion GDP. And there is also the federal not funded liabilities amounting to $110.5 Trillion that needs to be addressed now. This situation is about 100 times that of Greece. If foreigners rightfully get scared with the debt problems we will sink very fast.

Yahoo, you guys are messing with me! Why you guys do not like it when I state some important facts but you leave my test post of a description of my jalapeno cheesecake? The important post was up temporarily but then got removed! You are killing me! I have much knowledge that needs to be shared - the paid economists fall short in telling how it really is!

If I was there I would ask him why he is ruining our country by not caring about our debt. I would then offer him one easy way to save taxpayers $1.2 Trillion per year.

All that needs to be done is to cut 20% of the excess government employees and cut the salaries and pensions by an average of 50% to be more in line with the private sector.

I would then ask him why is it that those who pay the government employees make less than the civil servants. Doesn't it make sense that the servants to the people make less than the people?

If Obama had a brain he would tell the people he cares about the long-term health of the country and would cut 20% of the government employees and cut their salaries and pensions by an average of 50% to be more in-line with the private sector. This one act alone would save the taxpayers $1.2 Trillion per year. In this way we could have lower taxes to have a 35 hour workweek without loss of net pay. This would cut 6-10% off the unemployment rate. Next step is to immediately penalize corporations who use foreign labor including H1-B visa holders that are entirely unnecessary. And immediately after, send back home whoever does not belong here. There is a new stock market system that is actually about investing, with no price movements: corporations pay a variable dividend or no dividend on a weekly basis. No more need for 90% of Wall Street guys who siphon off money off of those who actually work for a living. Search Thoughtful Living Notes by Thomas Blankenhorn.

Just get an MBA degree. It's much easier than getting a BS in math, chemistry, or physics. I saw the texts. You only need to have an 80 IQ to qualify. Once accomplished you could then work at Wall Street making $500K to $5 Million per year. It's not like you would actually be worth that much money, but the stock market is not about investing like the stock market system that I invented that would do away with many guys like this. In the present system, there is plenty of ways to unfairly siphon money from other people, basically living as a parasite, sort of like a government employee who gets paid for very little work. Heck, you could even become the Federal Open Market Committee Chairman and really cause havoc in the financial system - what fun!

""We may be emerging from a soft patch," said Chris Rupkey, economist at the Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi, of the recent batch of encouraging reports. "This should allay the concerns of Fed officials.""

The news coming out has been worsening, not getting better. What kind of propaganda is this?

July home foreclosures=RECORD HIGH
then in August, home foreclosures BROKE July's record!
The GDP has been declining from 5+%, to 3+%, to 1+% in the last 3 quarters.
Inventory build was BAD NEWS again since the inventory build was higher than retail sales, therefore there was overbuilding and thus more lay-offs.
The immediate government debt of $16.6 Trillion exceeds the GDP of $14.55 Trillion, and getting worse, not better.

Employment, oh, 450,000 more applied for unemployment benefits last week. Good or bad? It does not matter if it fell from 470K. As long as the number is high and no net jobs produced, it is BAD, not good. We can not even get to 150K jobs added per month to keep up with population growth. The 50K lost last month is really equivalent to 200K jobs lost with respect to this.

I really like to know, how could someone with a high school diploma think the economic data has been improving?

Unbelievable manipulation. The Fed can not do anything about employment yet stocks go up on a meaningless Fed statement. I am better off dead than to live in this life of lies. This overpriced stock market should be at least 30% lower based on the worsening data, not improving data that reporters are trying to tell people.

Let's hear more twisting of the facts to give the public more smoke and mirrors to suggest this economy is improving. Just because the stock market is being manipulated up, it does not reflect on the real economy.

At least this story just gave the straight facts, and I THANK this reporter for not giving us more bull sheet.

Wall Street loves mergers, but there is a double-sided sword with this. Invariably more people lose their jobs. Same with United merger. It just keeps going on. Bank mergers, more lay-offs as well. The Fed actually hurts our employment by bank closures and causes us to lose more money from less bank competition. The Fed might as well just give small banks money and keep more banks around so we might even get better interest rates. A savings account at Chase with over $1,000 can earn just 1/100 of 1%. Have you ever seen this before in your life? Not even 1%, not even .25%, but 0.01%!

Taking further action [to help the unemployment problem] is only feel-good words. The Fed can only give more liquidity to over pump the stock market and give banks more free money.

I hope everybody understands this.

Congress is the one who can help the employment situation by cutting the size and compensation of government employees and penalizing corporations who use H1B visa holders, workers in foreign countries, and ejecting those who are not legally here.

The FOMC knows we are in a masked depression and is giving words of encouragement that has no backing. This is the same as the feel-good words in dealing with the debt-crisis in Europe. Well, guess what? America's immediate debt, not even counting the unfunded liabilities exceed the GDP now. $16.6 Trillion if including state and local debts. This is more than $14.55 GDP.

So we have a problem that is 40 times worse than Greece. The impending downfall WILL occur, and can not be avoided.

I hope public employee get on average a 50% cut in pay to be more in-line with private sector pay.

Why should taxpayers who earn less be funding those who earn more? Who are the public servants? The taxpayer is now the servant and the public employee laughs in our face when they mistreat us or tell us to wait when wanting a longer break.

Firefighters deserve no more than $30K/year.

They are worth $60K/year if always fighting fires but they do nothing 75% of the time, train 20% of the time, and 5% at most do they actually work.

So, let's sum this up analytically:

0.75 X 10,000 (doing nothing) +
0.20 X 20,000 (training) +
0.05 X 60,000 (work) =

$14,500 fair salary so to even make 2 X this should be greeted and if can't accept it, there are plenty of people who'd filled those positions.

I will debate any fireman on this, provided they can argue in an effective manner. If my figures are off slightly, let me know and I'll amend.

In essence government will get bigger and bigger. Already it is too big, causing state insolvencies and huge national debt. we need to cut 20% of government workers now and cut their salaries and pensions by a full 50% to be more in-line with that of the private sector.

Hello Mister Obama, do you hear this? Maybe someone will give you this as a plan so we can make a positive CHANGE!

Nearly $1 Trillion savings (actually more if taking unfunded liability into account - not using total compensation figures for current government employees, instead just the salaries and current outlays to current retirees).

Weighted approximate averages for Federal, State, and Local government employees for visual simplicity of cost savings upon cutting 20% of the civilian workforce and cutting salaries and pensions by an average of 50% (higher salaries retirees get hit harder so that lower salaried won’t get hit so hard).

21 mil X 60K/yr = 1.2T (salary + benefits other than pensions)
6.7 mil X 30K/yr = 0.20T (pensions; government stats show 0.20T total but data on number and amount on average not available so am using estimates for these that will not affect later calculation)
Total = 1.4 T per year

Now the reductions by making a POSITIVE CHANGE for the people:

cut 20%: 4.2 mil X 60K/yr = 0.252T

cut salaries of remaining 16.8 mil workers by 50%: 16.8 mil X 30K = 0.504T

cut pensions by 50%: 6.7 mil X 15K = 0.101T

Total savings ~ $0.86 TRILLION per year

This is an amended calculation that does not take into account the unfunded liability of promised pensions for current employed civilians. Approximately $0.3 trillion could be added to the above figure to take this into account.

How does this market always get manipulated upwards? The economic data lately was NOT encouraging, it shows the economy worsening. We have reporters lacking common sense and lacking mathematical analysis ability. They should take a calculus course and understand rat of change so they'd be able to tell the difference between improvement and worsening.

So the Associated Press and many other news outlets helped to make more people to lose money as I know there are fools who need to be guided by such.

The DOW was much lower and the NASDAQ off by almost 1%. Is the plunge protection team in full-gear?

Stocks are getting manipulated again. When DOW and NASDAQ considerably in the red with more and more bad economic data and was bad even from the beginning of September, stocks keep climbing off the lows. The DOW needs to shed 1000 points right away and then continue to slide. Do not you people understand this economy is getting worse? It is not improving. Do you need to see the GDP negative in this current quarter to finally understand? The GDP in the last 3 quarters was 5+%, 3+%, 1+%. Do you see what this trend means? Do you understand that even if unemployment claims "improve" that it still means the employment is still getting worse, just with deceleration until which time jobs are added at a faster rate than being lost and furthermore no net gain in raw numbers until which time there is a net gain of at least 150K jobs in a month? Maybe many of you need to take a calculus course like these reporters need to.

DOW -95, NASDAQ -15 and should be lower to adjust to the fact that people rushed into stocks, along with manipulation fueled with media and Federal Reserve POMO dealings but they still keep getting manipulated up. How did NASDAQ and DOW get positive? It's too incredible. Make zero sense.

Everyone needs to sell stocks immediately, ALL that is owned. Get back in when the market falls 50%. This country is in the crapper. The immediate debt exceeds the GDP which shows it is more than 40 times worse than Greece and this does not even include the $110.5 Trillion unfunded liabilities!

Banks are not adhering to normal accounting principles and the Fed and SEC want it this way to fool everyone in this phony economy.

We have a huge market bubble that is begging to burst but the plunge protection team won't let it happen by throwing YOUR money in terms of debt at it.

Let's say you lost this much money:
April: 12,000
May: 16,000
June: 25,000

and then in July, you lose 24,000 ONLY, AN IMPROVEMENT FROM A LOSS OF $25,000

So this would mean everything is great and the DOW and NASDAQ can go from -1% to 1% in a matter of 5 minutes, right?

This is how the fools want you to see the horrific housing market that has a huge shadow inventory that the Fed and SEC want banks to hide to give a false sense of security.

THIS IS THE MOST CORRUPT COUNTRY NOW. FOREIGNERS SHOULD BE RUNNING FROM THE U.S. markets. IT IS A HUGE SCAM, and manipulated by our government to cause a debt that exceeds our GDP.

Every American needs to sell all their stocks as well and a new stock market system be put in place. I made on and the SEC has it. But will they want real investing or this continued game where Wall Street can keep legally stealing your money?

New jobless benefits will decrease soon enough but it does not mean things are getting better. There has to be a natural deceleration but the raw number of employed will still decrease and the numbers of unemployed will keep rising.

I fear when layoffs amount to 300K per week that reporters will be saying all is clear when no jobs still are added thus the employed still decreases and the unemployed still increases. There is no improvement of raw numbers until more jobs are added than lost, including the 150K that need to be accounted for due to population growth. If you discount population growth you will again be having misleading data.

I wish everyone understood rates of change as could be learned in calculus and then we'd have less people influenced by misleading reporting.

There never was a recovery. ONLY SOME data improved from massive fraudulent borrowing and Federal Reserve manipulation.

The GDP growth has been decreasing in the last 3 quarters and may even be negative in the current quarter AS IT SHOULD to undo some of the fraudulent gains over the past 10 years.

One more piece of really bad news. but this is not as bad as the debt of USA! The debt of United States is $16.6 Trillion and the GDP is $14.55 Trillion. This does not even included the liabilities that are not funded to the tune of $110.5 Trillion!

How come reporters say we are getting encouraging data? What a joke!

When the bottom falls out, it will be the biggest wipe-out in history.

This well-engineered stock market rally perpetrated by the Federal Reserve produces phony wealth, built upon debt of future generations except the bottom will fall out before long, and in preparation for the new world government. Corporations have more debt than ever before and are bleeding shareholders without their approval to give more to the execs- excess greed. This economy is like a squirrel freshly ran over by a semi-truck, but just crushed its rear legs and lower abdomen, in great pain but fighting for life, made its way to the edge of the roadway and flopping around. Give it a little while until it cannot sustain the pain and then it's dead.

America first has to default and will be rebuilt along with the rest of the world. A new world currency, controlled capitalism, and no more GDP growth rates over 5%, no more stock markets with changing prices - you will see the new system will have a fixed-price basis with dividends attributable to dividends and no more executive compensation greater than 10 times the poverty level income. It will be a much more beautiful world once the fear is dispelled.

Where was this plunge protection team when I lost 70% of my money in 2000 to 2001? I learned to be an excellent trader and regained it all back through a few thousand trades until 2008, and yes I made money on every single stock going long in 2008 by letting go whenever making just $100-200 profit per trade. It was an absolute headache but I thought I was done after I made up all my losses, BUT when the markets got too overpriced in late 2009, I got in it ONLY because Bernanke was screwing me over with low bank interest rates.

Why only now this is happening?

I learned my lesson in going long on stocks. I have no faith in the corrupt system and knowing the data is so bad and the FORWARD-LOOKING prospect of this country is negative, the only mindful way in playing this market is by shorting the hell out of it and yet the manipulation is killing me. And Bernanke is Killing me once again with his manipulation.

If I make it to president of this country, Bernanke will likely be put behind bars from almost single-handed messing up the natural process of the stock market BEYOND the mandate of the Federal reserve. It was not written to maintain HIGH PRICES in the face of a masked depression to drive this country into unsustainable debt. This is irresponsible and he will face the music in time.

No wonder there is a rally. There are some tremendously stupid people allowed to trade, just like stupid people are allowed to vote.

earnings stellar? hardly! Pro-forma accounting, banks not accounting properly, down-sizing or displacing Americans with foreign workers that will hurt sales except if primarily exporting, and the environment of the largest debt in the world right here, $127 TRILLION in immediate and unfunded liabilities and with government employees still robbing this country with their high salaries and pensions that are bankrupting this country way beyond the impact of wars or stimulus, and PE ratios on average 25-30 when they should be at 10 or below?

Short-selling is the only answer. But who would know the Fed would interfere now unlike never before in history.

Stupidity can be lucky especially in the irrationality of the markets. Sometimes I wish I had half a brain like this guy and then I could trade based on stupidity and do better because trading based on actual data is disjointed.

Defiance of truth in our contrived economies and thoughtless actions demands rectification and it may have to be something outside of ourselves to set this human mess in order. This stock market zooming on debt problems and continues unemployment and housing problems is absolutely insane.

Since year 2000, 2 million less private sector jobs, 1 million more government jobs.

Since 2000, there are 17 million more people without a job because of the above plus population growth, yet our government will not count those who finished school (and dropouts) and are looking for work.

The solution is simple but seems like most people are ignorant about it because they hold on to old concepts such as a 40-hour workweek.

This employment problem needs to be fixed but also simultaneously and can be corrected faster and easier is to stop the Federal Reserve in giving away money to banks and to stop them from making this huge bubble in the stock market that is setting up people to lose lots of money all over again.

Read my book, thoughtful living and see more rationale behind this.

Drugs are all around us. If an adult we should have the right to do anything we want as long as it does not encroach on others. Accordingly, penalties could be increased dramatically if a crime against another individual happens while being under the influence of pot or any other drug. This would encourage responsibility. The biggest crime would be the crossover to the under-age which should face extreme penalties.

Watch Citigroup fall under $3. More bank consolidations coming and one nation bank after this next huge stock market plunge.

This is part of the set-up to bring us to a one-world nation.

The FOMC is trying all it can to give the public a false sense of security with its unfair POMO dealings.

The biggest of all market crashes is coming. Set your buy-to-cover orders at 40% below current prices and if into a short-ETF fund, set your limit sell orders at 60-80% higher, at least on most of them so as to not be so greedy, then watch out country fizzle out and sell the remaining short-ETFs.

Once your money is made from the demise of the United States, you will be in better shape than those who were ignorant and went long, however, times will still be tough.

With the devaluing of the dollar, interest rates should be much higher. And to combat some areas of inflation and MORE IMPORTANTLY to undo the inflation in the last 10 years, there needs to be deflation. No easy fix, but Federal Reserve pumping of the stock market will not be good since it will cause more wealth destruction when the markets fall yet again.

Our government is run by bozos to get us in such a dilemma. We have Federal, State, and Local debts surpassing the GDP and the unfunded liabilities is at $110.5 Trillion. HOW COULD ANYONE BE LONG IN THIS OVERPRICED STOCK MARKET WHILE REALIZING THIS? -NOT to mention the high unemployment that will keep getting worse and the GDP growth in the last 3 quarters were: 5+%, 3+%, and 1+%, with very good chance the quarter we are in now will show negative growth?

The Federal Reserve is pumping up the stock market to give us an illusion but if funny money had to be given out, it could be given to the public instead of directly to banks.

"Corporate takeovers are a positive sign for the economy because they mean companies are increasingly willing to take large cash reserves built up during the recession and invest them to grow operations"

WHAT? For so many years people are being misled in thinking this is good but it is terrible for the economy. Look back in history or just use common sense: with each takeover or merger there becomes less competition, more people out of work and hurts consumers with higher prices, making the cost of living higher. It serves a few people well but overall, it causes more damage.

People, WAKE UP! This is just like stock buy-backs: they are bad for the shareholder since corporations use the buy-backs to give free to low-cost stock options to execs right after and when they sell, the shareholder has less equity, LOL, can people be this dense to not understand this?

This i will cover in my current edition.....why should there be coordination with big sellers? it shows that bullion is not being put to good use and is a contrived object of value, unlike a metal such as copper. it's not a real commodity if it isn't being used predominantly for something useful. it's a contrived monetary instrument. <--copyright. i am working on a prose on this. (this was in regards to gold in which a story spoke of governments wanted coordination to sell gold, and that wreaks of an unfair marketplace)

How does the reporter know if investors are pocketing profits? Well, of course some do, EVERY SINGLE trading day! What's new about this? But what is suggested is that stocks are lower because of this and not because of the lack of FOMC manipulation or possibly NON-investors such as other Wall Street traders driving down the price, regardless of taking profits or not.

Let's just put it out in the open what the stock market is all about?

No more secrets!

$16.6 Trillion immediate government debt including the $3.3 T local and state debts.

GDP=$14.55 T

unfunded liabilities of $110.5 T

This is at least 40 times worse than Greece, not even counting the unfunded liabilities!

Who can bail out this greedy, mismanaged country? This is when the new world forms...and it is coming. A new world currency to solve the problem, based on the minimum hourly wage (i can't tell you how I know this one).

One way to fix this is yet again by adopting the new stock market system I developed and is in the hands of the SEC. With each stock, you would know if it's overpriced or under-priced by relating the dividend to what can be gotten from the cash more stock movements - all payouts and WORTH determined by the corporation, not whimsically by traders, and accordingly, a weekly VARIABLE dividend or none at all is given as the award, PLUS since stocks are publicly traded to get lots of money for growth, no corporation will be allowed to be public after 10 years except with few exceptions such as struggling early stage pharmaceutical companies (however, these might need to stay in venture capital hands until which time the corporation passes a test of viability) should have been developed before 1940.

If you understand the concept you should prod the SEC to implement it.

What investment value is there in the stock market with current valuations exceeding a PE of 6-8 which would be fair in this terrible environment of high unemployment and will be getting worse, declining GDP in the last 3 quarters and possibly under zero in the current quarter, record home foreclosures, average home still way overpriced and huge shadow inventory kept off the markets with the Federal Reserve and SEC helping hide these by allowing free money and or looser accounting standards, and a national debt along with state and local debts exceeding the GDP?

Adding the $111 Trillion unfunded liabilities and everyone should be growing their own food, buying guns and withdrawing all they have from the stock market.

As you see, our government WANTS those people in those jobs. If opened to our public for real and at just $2 more per hour, we'd solve many problems, including getting our cost of living lower since immigrants would be displaced and go back home, thus availing greater home occupancy rate, unemployment would go down, and when you consider all the fixed costs that I highlighted in my book, the final price of produce in stores would increase much less on a percent basis than the labor cost increase percentage.

This is a government scam.

And I can tell all of you that today there are only 2 million agricultural workers, with 1 million of them being United States Citizens. You have to work hard to get the information but I obtained it from the Labor Department 2 years ago to put the information in my book.

So only 1 million workers need to be displaced and it could be done by simply using high school and college students during summers. Just be gracious and pay them $2 more per hour and don't require them to speak Spanish!

"Asian stock markets were mixed Tuesday as renewed worries about the health of Europe's banks offset optimism from a flurry of corporate deal making"

How would there be optimism with corporate deal making when it bodes poor for the health of the economy with more unemployed and higher costs to consumers?

Is this the standard Wall Street lingo like stock buybacks are good when in fact they are bad since the stocks are then given as free or low-priced options to execs and then once exercised, the shareholders lose equity?

The SEC doesn't do a darn thing about this.

Sent to SEC 9/27:

News stories consistently give misleading information every single trading day. Just now on Yahoo Financial there was a story that I include partly in quotes along with my posted comments so you can see the nature of my complaint more clearly:

"Asian stock markets were mixed Tuesday as renewed worries about the health of Europe's banks offset optimism from a flurry of corporate deal making"

How would there be optimism with corporate deal making when it bodes poor for the health of the economy with more unemployed and highers costs to consumers?

Is this the standard Wall Street lingo like stock buybacks are good when in fact they are bad since the stocks are then given as free or low-priced options to execs and then once exercised, the shareholders lose equity?

The SEC doesn't do a darn thing about this.

I would hope the SEC would take aggressive action against this either purposeful misinformation and or utter ignorance of pertinent happenings in regards to the stock market. I could on each day something different including such recent misinformation of a news reporter saying that an uptick in wholesale inventories is a good sign when it is in fact not a good sign when retail sales are less. This should be common sense but apparently there is lots of pumping of the stock markets and I imagine the SEC cares not to do anything about this and just be concerned about those things that could make stock prices fall, yet when stock prices are too high, there is greater danger of an unstable price for which there is no meaningful backing and thus greater losses could ensue.

Home prices are still 30% too high, on average, and that means 50-60% too high in many metro areas and perhaps just 10% too high in rural areas.

Go by the ratio of median home price to median yearly salaries. this ratio was under 2 in the early 1960's then stabilized around 3 for 20 years. Then in recent years got to as high as 20 in some metro areas to settle around 6-10 now, but still 2 times too high to be SUSTAINABLE WITH INCOMES!

I hope the rest of the world realizes the scam we have in our markets. Once they do they will be running away for fear of a huge drop coming.

They should also be let known we have a total government debt of $16.6 Trillion, exceeding our GDP.

And, even more important, we have an unfunded liability of $110.5 Trillion.

No matter how the media, Federal Reserve, and Wall Street gangsters is controlling this contrived market, the bottom will eventually fall out from it being propped up by an unsustainable level of debt.

As crazy as gold is so high, it should go to $2000+ being this is the only thing that is reflected in our doomed economy. The stock market is totally rigged.

Thanks to our government that overspent and didn't control this greed in our country, America is collapsing. When sh** finally hits the fan we will have the top bozos behind bars and I think you all know who they will be.

Obama in charge of the Fed and of the media.

Intercepted phone call from the White House to Federal Reserve:

September 28, 2010 10:54 pm ET

[salutations and bla bla]..Now listen Chief, you are going to have to prop up this stock market no matter what. In spite of people seeing that it is clearly manipulation, we must keep a straight face and deny all allegations. We have to give the American people hope and that hope will be in the form of higher stock prices. Do not worry about the federal Reserve's mandate to maintain prices, this must be done to fool the American people. Are you with me? ... Yes, Mr. President. Ok then, starting September 1, you are going to set up all the contacts you require to get this done and it better be so sudden, so sharp, that it will scare people to jump into the stock market. It's not our problem if the stock market is overpriced, some people will lose and some will win, it's no big deal. Is this clear? ...Well, ..umm, but Mr. President, who will take the fall for this in the event it gets exposed? ...I told you, DENY DENY DENY! Now are you with me? ...If you say so, I'll start making the arrangements sir. ...That's good. We won't make contact again until October 1, understand? ...Yes sir. ... Ok then, I'll be distracting the American people on other stories to not make this look like it's any funny business. See you then, so long."

Median home price should be no more than 3 times median salary. In many metro areas, that ratio is firmly between 6 and 10.

The Federal Reserve with the banks want to keep the excess fictitious wealth in the system. It's sad that America had to come to this.

1776, fantastic
1976, still wonderful, bicentennial, people more or less were friendly. Welfare, though began a few years earlier, was fairly contained and lots of opportunity existed as CEOs were not so greedy to use foreign labor and immigrants mostly worked in agriculture.
2010: Government out of control. All levels of government overpaid and having excess pensions, bankrupting our country. Federal Reserve driving this country into unsustainable hangover debt that will topple the country with it working with banks to keep the stock market and home prices at levels that can not be supported with real money. Welfare getting abused. Elderly living longer and putting huge drain on unfunded liabilities as government promised too much without doing the appropriate actuarial analysis. Immigrants still allowed in by the rich and now taking over into middle-class employment. Foreign labor outsourcing by greedy corporations seeking profit for the wealthy increases dramatically.

This country really went down-hill. I'll miss you, my old, dear's been good for a few early years of my life, but the stress living here is more than I can take. I must decide now if it's worth living at all.

Well said. It really started in a big way around 1980 but not all to be blamed on Reagan. There was a natural greed in this culture that would kill this nation eventually, but we are getting killed on two fronts, from excessive spending on wars, government salaries and pensions, and welfare including social security (incompetent persons didn't do the math right so we have unfunded liabilities amounting to $111 Trillion, 8 times our GDP) and the greed of the rich, through corporate profits, allowing in illegal aliens for more profit to them, and them having no limit to buying property to have the cost of homes and apartments too high so the cost of living is too high for the current wages of most people.

On a historical basis, the average home is still 35% overpriced. In some metro areas, the homes are 2-3 times overpriced.

I studied this for over 30 years. Look at the median home prices in any area and then divide by the median salaries. when that ratio is above 3, it is a dangerous sign. Even in some rural places where I am, that ratio is 6! In The SF Bay Area, Seattle, Los Angeles, that ratio varies around 6 to 10. WAY TOO HIGH STILL!

Why is the Federal Reserve preventing us from having fair prices? Why did they not do anything about this many years ago to stop the home prices from going so high and only now want to stabilize high home prices compared to not so high home prices?

They are messing up the stock market as well with POMO dealings, making certain stock prices stay so high that will hurt anyone who wants to buy now...their risk of losing becomes so much greater.

My analysis for the ratio of 3 for median home prices to median salaries was based in San Francisco and San Mateo Counties, CALIFORNIA. So if that ratio of 3 is crossed, then you are looking at overpriced homes. This ratio is 6 to 10 now in these such places.

If in UNDESIRABLE places, perhaps that ratio should not get beyond 2 to 2.5.

So, we are still at overall, 40% overpriced. If median salaries are at $41K and avg ratio=2.8, fair median value of home countrywide would be 115K, but it is 180K presently (which is still under-counting since it is based on those up for sale and not enough high-end ones are on the market), we are near 40% overpriced.

Government is useful when people show utter stupidity like chasing after high priced homes but it did nothing such as raising interest rates because both Greenspan and Bernanke didn't want to spook the stock market....they both allowed bubbles in the housing and stock market. Shame on them.

For the Fed to step in now and try to maintain high home prices instead of targeting FAIR prices, it is doing more harm, but if they stepped in earlier to prevent such a big problem as they were suppose to do by the mandate they are suppose to abide by, then that would be government acting in the best interest of the people as a whole, not just the rich or established people who already own a home or who already own stocks.

Stock market going higher and higher are hurting those short-sellers who are mindful of overpriced makes no sense to be long, but if going long now, the risk of losing so much when this market is allowed to go to fair valuations will be hurting present buyers. We need to quickly get to fair prices then we would have stability without using debt to artificially prop up overheated markets.

FOR SO LONG, the economic data has been Extremely bad, Very bad, and just plain BAD.

So the data bounces around in this range, sometimes worse than other times, but never good. This stock market should be 25% lower, AT LEAST!

Federal, State, and Local debt combined=$16.6 Trillion

GDP = $14.6 Trillion

Compare the two and realize this is more than 40 times worse than for Greece. World Stock market collapse as soon as this gets fully realized.

As noted in my book that you will not find anywhere, you need to subtract these growth numbers by 1% to give the growth on a per person basis.

Example, if a population is growing at 10% per year and the GDP growth is 8%, can it not be easily seen that the GDP growth is not even keeping pace with the population growth?

In the future, this will be added to the raw percentages when applicable.

This world needs my book. It also contains a new stock market system and a modified proxy voting method to give smaller investors more say as far as corporate decisions.

"More news trickled in throughout September that, if not terrific, was at least not bad."

Who is the reporter fooling? It was ALL BAD! You think record home foreclosures was not bad? You think new applications for unemployment benefits hanging anywhere over 300K (and it was always over 450K) was not bad?

It's like I am living in an Outer Limits episode and it is very uncomfortable. This world is making less and less sense.

There would be some suicides on the insane market rally that had a flurry of bad news throughout the month of September. I myself acme close to having a heart attack several times.

This stock market is terribly overvalued, especially in light of our huge debt, employment problems that will only get worse, food prices and health care still going up...the only thoughtful way to play this market is to short it. But fools get lucky sometimes and being foolish by not caring about these high valuations and the market got certainly manipulated upwards, many are ahead, but as fools continue to be fools, they will mostly be too dumb to sell now and will be losing so much when this market finally collapses.

The debt of the United States is 100 times worse than for Greece. So if Greece was a problem, this debt problem of US is enough to crush the entire world economy.

Tainted data based on government debt. LOL. You cut the stimulus and the mask will come off this depression.

Government pumped several TRILLIONS OF TAXPAYER DOLLARS INTO THIS AND LOOK WHAT WE HAVE: overpriced homes and overpriced stock market, and nothing fixed at all.

I do have the solutions, however, for homes, employment, and so much more...I go into plenty in my book, but people remain ignorant, especially those in government.

As far as sales go:
2010 will mark worst Christmas in 50 years.
2011 will be worse than in 2010.

There was even more funny money around for last year. Less now. Most everyone knows it.

Christmas will be celebrated with less presents and more togetherness - a better way to celebrate and not following the corporate push of buying more than we need.

The American public is waking up.

With greedy nurses showing no compassion to the American people thinking they are worth $80-120K/year, they significantly add to the health care cost.


And yes, I worked at a hospital, I know what they do. It's a $30K/yr job, relative to so many others who also work hard. Most everyone over $100K are worth so much less as well. This spread in incomes has gotten so perverse in the last 30 years and if America is to survive, it must be compressed.

Obviously Lekas is a smart guy, but I do not see him taking into account our huge debt including unfunded liabilities at about $130 Trillion, plus globalization that will keep the stock market down for a long time after this market crashes - there won't be any fast 80% gain like what happened in this last year.

What a bunch of greedy bubble-maniacs that hurt all the responsible people!

We could have a lower stock market and lower home prices and that would be good for all except of course the richest.

A lower stock market would be good, because if it was not so over-priced, it could be used for INVESTMENT, not so much for gambling on the hopes to find a greater fool who will pay even more. These valuations need to come down, and fast! Same with home prices that these people who are driven by greed and other emotions and lack common sense to buy what is affordable and with also having plenty of money down and saved in case of losing a job. This world is full of incompetent people! These people are hurting me I tell you, I can not even have a life because of so many people making it hard on me. And I get lower interest rates in the bank because of this mess that I contributed nothing to? Someone owes me lots of money!

A new stock market system developed by T Blankenhorn would fix this problem. The SEC already has it. Urge them to implement it.

All variable dividends and no way wallstreet can influence the price of any stock if the new system is used. 90% of Wall Street parasites would need to look for a real job and investors would be making much more and steady money.

National bank is coming. I HAVE BEEN SHOWN THIS FROM ABOVE.

Anyone who reads this needs to pass it on. Let the banks fall tomorrow.
Let this knowledge fall upon all who desire the truth.

There shall be a brief period of time before we have the one-world currency that silver and gold will be used as bartering tools.


And there will always be an underground economy but it will consist more of bartering as there will only be small currency for circulation, all else will be electronic.

Since the stock market went up on consistently bad economic data that the media tells you differently, hopefully this bit of news will help bring it down. The S&P500 PE ratio indicates 40% overpriced, and if by PE=12 if we average just from 1900 to 1990 instead of 15 that includes bubble years, it's more like 60% overpriced.

Wrong, you can have a million dollars and still get it. It's based on income.

Now, you could be worth millions and get subsidized health care but if you are poor yet are responsible by not drinking, smoking, or doing drugs and actually save money, if you have beyond a certain criteria such as $10K, you won't qualify. If You have a multi-million dollar home but whatever money you obtain, you spend it or hide it in gold bullion or something so that your bank account is less than $10K, then you get the subsidized health care!

A big joke, isn't it?

What is wrong with the leaders of this world?

No more bail-outs! It only helps retain the wealth of the rich.

Just let the bottom fall out and then rebuilding can occur.

The more funny money thrown onto this mess will cause an even greater catastrophe and I will be greeting it yet the after-effects will be worse for all of us, including me.

Just let the housing market, credit market and stock market go to where they need to go!

I have been given a vision and it is so bad. I have put every dollar except $1000 only into this over-inflated stock market on the short-side, 2 times-leveraged.

I am not just betting but know damn well this market is primed to implode and it's just a matter of when people lose confidence in a market that is supported by funny money.

This country has a $130 Trillion combined government debt and unfunded liabilities (actually all of it debt) and there is no way this can be taken care of except by faith that a sizable amount of fictitious wealth is created by further debt to string us along...but this would be 50 years of pain instead of just 5-10 years of pain if we deal with the problem now. This is 1000 times worse than Greece in the real fallout, not just 40 times worse based on the raw GDP differential.

Gold really should have never even gotten to 1/3 the current price but the ineptitude of government, overpaid government workers and their fat pensions, and so many fools in society who lived the high life on credit and did not care to chase home prices upwards.

But being so many stupid humans abound, including those in leadership roles who demonstrate they are not even worth minimum wage, I see gold going over $2000 per ounce as well. Maybe a spike at $4000 when this market ultimately collapses.

The average home is still 40% overpriced. When you add the higher taxes government want to put on to cover their mistakes of paying themselves too much in salaries and pensions, housing is really like 50% overpriced.

The insidious homeowner tax will add to the burden of owning a home.

To be consistent with even the ceiling of median home prices / median salaries of a factor of 3, the median home price needs to fall to $115K from $180K, and this is not counting the horrible economy and higher property taxes that will happen to suggest this ratio should go lower.

Anyone going long in this market are extreme gamblers and I find it amazing that humans could be so ignorant but it surely is a sociological study seeing how so many people are careless.

Enough with sugar-coating news. Markets fall 30-60% from here to reflect the true state of the country.

There you go, markets are 50% overpriced based on a fair PE vlaue of 14 for the S&P500.

However, in times of distress like we are in now, the stock market is actually about 200% overpriced! (Starting from PE=7 in a distressed economy, 200% of 7=14, 7+14=21, the current PE for the S&P500).

Some day, humans will evolve to have a better understanding.

current home-buyers are rushing in too early just like stupid people paying too much for stocks. next year will see 30-40% lower home prices. 100% certainty unless people blindly let the Fed pumping more debt-ridden liquidity into the market.

homes would be close to fairly valued with a 30-40% drop.

so, who wouldn't like it? fair value means FAIR! fair is good, not bad, but bernanke thinks overpriced is better and he will be proven wrong. he deserves to be ousted and be subjected to criminal law for hurting all those through his actions.

What a big joke. i tell u how it is in my book.

Most every single job could be done by any bright 16-yr old with a week to 3 months training, including those that currently demand 6 months to 4 years college. the less than smart ones should avoid college entirely and do something they were made for.

I even challenged the pharmaceutical company i was in to bring in a bright 16-yr old for me to train in just 1-2 months' time but it would hurt those other employees who are DUMB yet think they are smart because they happen to have graduated from college. Too many egos would be shattered. About 10% of college grads are smart, nothing more - they should be in the leadership roles but nope, u get morons with business majors leading the way, lol.

However, if colleges and trade schools are concerned more about efficient learning and not so much about the teacher and administration jobs and salaries we could have 1/4 the number of current teachers beyond K-12 training adults for every non-trivial job, at just 5 to 20% of the current time period normally thought of as adequate for proficiency. The problem is, teachers want too much money and they do not want to be efficient, nor do the administrators - the worse education is performed, it ensures them of a job.

If those types of "dirty" jobs were at $15-25 America would not be such in bad shape but union workers and contractors demand so much more and they hurt this country on three fronts:

1) overcharging
2) employing immigrant labor to pay less
3) ancillary effects of higher cost of living by immigrants occupying a home, thus raising the cost to own and rent.

Foreign aid 0.3% of budget not counting emergency give-aways.

Foreign aid to Israel must stop. They have a thriving economy with booming stock market. What more do they need? Every Israeli gets a new home every time they are married. No wonder they want to take Palestine over. Who do you think is paying for it? What do we get? debt???? unemployment? excessive immigration??? overpaid government employees (not workers as that would suggest they actually do work)??

Didn't the stock market go up 80% because all was well?

Of course it was all fabricated.

The truth is just beginning to trickle out.

Stock market needs to head right back down to 2009 lows and settle beneath it for a few years until we fix our debt problems, overpaid government employee salaries and pensions, and foreign labor on three fronts: illegals, H1-B workers, and foreign workers on their native soil working for US corporations.

Expect Nikkei to fall 30% more as US markets fall 40-50% in coming months.

I am not the fear monger. I am your visionary.

The real fear is in how those controlling the money supply are fearful as they are freaking out and not knowing what to do except put band-aids on problems and never addressing the real fix.

If the Fed would just let us face our problem head-on we could get past this. But as more funny money gets infused into the system AND THIS MONEY GRAVITATES TO THE SELECT FEW, the problem for this country becomes even greater.

It is hard to believe humans are so foolish as to get into this mess. Damn stupid humans. I feel ashamed to share some of the same DNA.

The Fed can not fix the problems of this economy. it takes people to realize we need negative growth for a few years and with congress slowing spending, cutting government workforce, lowering their salaries and pensions by 50% on average, kicking out those who are illegal, and impose penalties for each non-citizen working for our corporations.

spend-happy days are gone. we need responsible people in this country like how it was some decades ago. this will mean negative GDP growth for a few years but then stable slow growth afterward.

Bankruptcies up 11% over last year as well.

All the news is still bad. This little bump in service sector is nothing more than pre-holiday ramp up that is normal for this time of year. no big deal to warrant 2% increase in an already over-priced stock market.

There needs to be a wash-out that we never really got yet.

this market is terrible...we can't get fair valuations in a horrible economy. the PE for S&P500 tends to around 7 in bad times and it should revert back to this or even 5 with the incredibly large structural problems that prevents us from turning the corner. loading debt on the problem is more fuel for the fire.

More bad news to show markets up 15% in 5 weeks makes no sense at all. Everyone should be doing lots of selling, selling, and more selling this market as it collapses.

Even more bad news that warrants undoing of this 15% rally in last 5 weeks.

Then why are euro markets up? All copycat the rigged US market?

This is the most contrived rally in world history. Some day this will be looked at as the most incompetent way of fixing a debt problem. You cut the debt, not add to it!

we will always need to spend some. if spending what we need, we just take the excesses out of the system. a good number of jobs are not necessary but were made from easy credit. that is why we need a 35 or even 30 hour workweek. not all humans are not bright enough to understand.

Gold heading to $1400. why wont Bernanke short gold instead of over-inflating the stock market?

Gold shows the state of our economy as the Fed manipulates the equity market.

The Fed is only going to make the crash even harder. Fools buy into fools' rallies. So are you a fool or short-selling this contrived market?

So much bad news but it does not stop fools jumping on the fool rally manufactured by the Fed.

I hope the ignorant lose even more money during this next wash-out just to set their minds straight to not be making bubbles in the markets - It is bad for society.

And Bernanke is instigating a class war with all his propping up is to protect the rich.

Just watch, with jobs never coming back, wages not even near high enough on average to afford a median-priced home, inflated food prices, those who are not rich will draw from their retirement and still will not be able to keep up with the high cost of living. The rich will be buying more homes because there is no law to prevent it (I address this in my book - no one ever mentions it), and then you will see rents go higher, thus causing more problems on MOST of society, but the top 1-5 percent will always be protected by Bernanke and his buddies at the Federal Reserve. Unfairly boosting the stock market preserves fictitious wealth to enable the rich to buy up all the available home up for sale. More people will need social welfare as a result, adding more to the government debt and the spiral continues. There needs to be legislative restraints but still, no one is addressing this. In the meantime, Bernanke will keep hurting our country with his fictitious wealth building that benefits a very small minority.

What he did was a complete failure for 95% of the people.

hidden inflation to spur more losses by trying to maintain inflated prices in the stock market and housing market, won't let interest rates rise naturally to counter the inflation from the prior ten years leaving no where safe to put money except by short-selling the stock market since it is so overpriced but then he hurts those by continually using fiat money to pump the stock market through the federal Reserve POMO. You can not even get good interest rates in the bank - even though banks are making money and getting free money from the American people via the Federal Reserve, it refuses to pay much interest at all, just to preserve the high salaries and bonuses of the top execs.

He is accelerating the divide between the rich and poor and you may have even noticed the recent news report saying that this divide is now the largest in American history, thanks in part by Bernanke's bad decisions.

We needed a wash-out but he is trying to keep the economy super-heated and in doing so, there will be a few winners and lots of losers. He should not be meddling in except when prices are far from norms and then only to try to maintain fair pricing, not over-inflated pricing as he is doing. There is a mandate for the Federal Reserve and he is disobeying it.

Stock market up like it's 1999 means all is well.

But all is not well so need stimulus.

More stimulus and nothing happens but stock market goes up again.

Nothing improves yet again so more stimulus and stock market again zooms up.
then BUBBLE BUSTS and you will see the DOW at 4000.

I wish people would learn after the last 15 years that the stock market is 3 times overpriced relative to when the economy is in bad shape. the PE for S&P500 tends to 7 in these times, not 14 but yet the PE is now around 21. So take your choice, 50% overpriced or 200% overpriced. When all is realized by people they will agree more on the 200% overpriced stance.

not inflation-adjusted.

high health care cost, wages falling, more out of work, some of this luckily from so many getting extended unemployment benefits, high food cost....Fed can pump the stock market all they want..there just is not enough money for people to live when home prices and rent is so high from housing market kept so high also by the Fed.

The Fed just will not wake up to what harm they are doing. We need a lower cost of living and they are making it rougher.

Even the IMF downgrades USA growth, and expects it will decline next year. So even more reason why this inflated stock market has to give up its 15% gain in just 5 weeks on NOTHING! So this thing about stocks being forward looking has not priced in this decline else the DOW would be at 6000 or so.

Yet another reason why stock markets are too high.

(regarding downgrade of ireland) Fitch needs to downgrade USA now for its debt exceeding its GDP. National debt $13.5 Trillion + combined state and local debt of $3.1 T = government debt of $16.6 Trillion and GDP is $14.6 Trillion.

We are in the biggest depression ever faced in this country, far worse than in 1930's.

Unemployment getting fairly close to what it was 80 years ago but they did not have a total debt of government alone of 9 times the GDP. national, state, local debt=$16.6 T, GDP=14.6 T, unfunded liabilities =$111 T, over 100 trillion! Nor was there a personal debt of $50K per capita as there is now - no ratio comparison will even come close to this.

The credit markets have not dealt with this country yet but once it starts, watch out!

Gold is about the only thing that reflects the terrible economy we are in. oil prices do not even reflect it except in part for inflation. The stock market is inversely reflecting the true state of the economy.


No schizophrenia involved with this compared to the manipulated stock market.

$111 Trillion unfunded liabilities = gold to $3000/ounce.

This economy is fried but Bernanke and his buddies has been putting on lots of band-aids over the debt dam. but once it oozes just enough, all hell will break loose.

Reality would put the stock market at least 40% lower than where we are at, plus what is this talk about forward-looking stock markets? The IMF expects the GDP of USA to be lower next year, therefore sell-off, but will the Fed unfairly pump up the markets? Why won't the Fed just short gold or something else? Why he chooses the stock market to go long? His choice is unfounded.

We actually need negative growth for a few years and then the economy will be reset with lower GDP numbers and forward lower growth in the range of 1.5 to 2 percent.

Less people will be employed if we hold onto the old 40-hour workweek which is why simultaneously we have to cut government payrolls and compensation and at the same time have a 35 hour workweek and in time even get to a 30 hour workweek. The other part of this to enable all this to work is for a cap on the rich owning property, living off of other people who actually work for a living so that the cost of living would be reduced.

You may dislike this but this paves the way to prosperity.

I would love to go back to WAMU. Chase pays 0.01% = 1/100 of 1% on savings accounts with a balance over $1,000.

Thank you Fed for eliminating competition among banks to shortchange us. It's like a monopoly now.

Let's get a story to explain why stock futures are up almost every single morning which really makes no good sense at all unless it's manipulation by the Fed in buying S&P futures which means it is meddling in the financial markets to cause great instability.

If you go to us debt clock site you will see Germany, France, Ireland, Spain, Portugal, Greece, United States, all in terrible shape. We have been given misinformation so many times saying how rosy Germany is for example but you will see the truth here.

I have seen that people are waking up now. When I was telling people how it was in year 2001, I was against a wall of ignorance but I see the ignorance is a minority now. This is good in that we will be getting a change in due time when sentiment changes from mad to proactive. It was a false hope on Obumma, this time it will have to be the masses to force the change and it will come from ideas thrown into the public arena.

world needs massive reconstruction. The best first two steps will be bypassed because of human nature but will need to be dealt with soon after. So, before the best steps are taken, we need to cut all spending in as much as possible and even that means negative growth for 10 can be modestly lower and that will be fine. It does not mean everyone will be hurt, just the richest will not like it for they depend on everyone else to get rich, the poorer really do not depend on them despite the propaganda that the rich are job creators. With greater autonomy, shopping for better deals, not living spoiled, and growing more of your own food, you will see who the real winners are - those who try to do things on their own, not those who live as parasites collecting rent and dividends off of others.

There cannot be exuberance based on hundreds of thousands applying for jobless benefits on a weekly basis.

Do not get trapped into wall Street thinking that if numbers fluctuate in some way differing than analysts think.

Look at the big picture. You can not get to negative jobs therefore you can not have continual acceleration or even zero velocity in jobs claims forever.

The unemployment rate is the key figure, and the real one, not the phony one that is spoon-fed to you.

As any mathematician knows full well, eventually job claims has to lessen. This does not indicate improvement. Improvement is seen in adding jobs greater than 150K per month to at least offset the population growth.

You cannot get to negative employment. There has to be deceleration in jobless claims...even if it ever gets to near zero it still does not show anything except a labor market that is small but nothing about an improvement.

"Applications need to fall to 425,000 or below to signal that hiring is picking up, economists say."

More like under 300K. You guys are being played as fools to believe this garbage.

It is still terrible. never mind 5,000 or 10,000 less job applicants over a 140 million workforce.

The real news is the massive debt problems of Germany, France, Ireland, Spain, Portugal, Greece, United States, all in terrible shape. We have been given misinformation so many times saying how rosy Germany is for example but you will see the truth here.

And France and Germany are not far behind. Look at us debt clock site and click on upper left side to see major world debt problems.

Wall Street is rigged and toys with people's minds all the time with this expectation garbage. Look at the price of gold to tell you how bad this country is. It just made a new high of $1360.

This economy is in the crapper and so do not let Wall Street tell you any different.

Too risky to buy stocks in this rigged overpriced market in the United States, so you have to either buy gold, buy Yen, or short stocks.

Thanks to the Fed we can't get decent interest rates to reflect the actual inflation.

This stock market is a scam, orchestrated with Treasury Department and the Federal Reserve.

"The government admitted earlier this year that its count through March 2009 had overstated employment by 902,000 jobs"

You just can not be making mistakes like was purposeful.

Everyone needs to sell off this market and tell the rich to take a flying leap. We are the ones supporting them, not vice versa!

All asset classes will be tumbling will be the last to fall.

start a garden in your backyard, NOW!

Plunge protection team at work again? Markets having too hard of time to go lower. We are 30-60% too high on fair valuations. This can't stay up forever especially in light of our huge debt along with huge debts of so many other large countries.

There you go, people paying off credit cards means sales will be lower, corporate profits lower, so therefore stock market sell-off.

This is actually worse than the great depression. You have media drumming up stories that mesh with what wall street and the fed wants you to hear. The debt is covering up how bad it is. This time, we have Germany, Ireland, France, Spain, Greece, Portugal, and more to make the world market crash, and trust me it is coming. It satisfies what needs to be: growing up out of excessive greed so that a new world government that actually works for the people and no more government debts again. In major catastrophes, everyone will have an allotted amount from their one-world bank account be taken out to assist. I could say more but it is not yet time.

Terrible news once again. Alcoa net income down 21%. So what was the run-up in stocks from September all about? Of course it wasn't from declining revenues to push the PE ratios even higher, could it?

People are fooled again with this beat expectation garbage! Alcoa is actually up in after-hours! I need to laugh some more. I think there is no cure for stupidity.

"Alcoa, which supplies a variety of manufacturers including the auto and aerospace industries, is one of the first companies to report financial results for the quarter, and economists use its results to get an early read on the health of the economy."

Well, with net income down, the health of the economy is bad. End of story. But then again, we knew that already. Market crash to ensue.

Let's hope Japanese and Europeans are smarter than the average American to see that net income for Alcoa is actually really bad news.

Analysts had to lower the guidance repeatedly. You wonder about the relationship with the analysts - those guys need to be audited and see where those secret deposits into their bank account came from.

Incredible. Bad news and Alcoa catchers bidders.I think I need to take another pill. Either I am crazy or the stock market is insane. I better take that pill no matter what. I am really confused.

Wall Street schizophrenia.

This is part of game.

Total Cash (mrq): 1.35B
Total Debt (mrq): 9.80B

So everyone parades and says corporations are sitting on a ton of cash. The above example for Alcoa is common. Some cash that really isn't since the debt (which it should have none if it was properly managed for being around for so many years) is 7 times the cash.

How many of you are extended so much credit? This credit cabal is about to implode. It's a pandemic.

If you go by the stock market, all is well. Or is this all a game propped up by the Fed?

While everything is going bad, he has his left-hand man at the Federal reserve causing an unstable stock market that is ready to implode being the valuations are too high. Even Alcoa, the first corporation to report has a profit decline of 21%.

So while everything is bad, you have the stock market being overheated just like how the Fed allowed the housing market to be overheated by fearing if they raised interest rates too fast they would spook the stock market. It's all to help the richest who own stocks. It does not matter how insane the valuations get in the stock market to the Fed even though its mandate is to maintain fair prices and we are far away from that in both the stock market and housing market - prices must fall for stability so we can have a healthy economy.

You have an overheated stock market that is ready to fall since profits can not sustain the high valuations, and this you can thank the Fed for. It's so dangerous to try to get in it now. The only right way to play the market now is to short sell it. The PE ratio of S&P500 is at 24 now, and in unhealthy markets it is only 7, and the median is 14. It is thus extremely unstable just like having home prices too high in 2006 - you know what happens when prices can not be sustained. Yes, the stock market is a huge bubble once again.

Cut 20% of the government employees entirely, and cut the salaries and compensation of them by an average of 50% and you save at least $0.85 Trillion per year, and actually more like $1.2 T if you count the savings from there being a lessened unfunded liability.

We can get back on track if we make the hard choices. O bummer talks but does not walk the talk.

There needs to be progressive legislation curbing the number of homes owned so that the wealthiest can not just live as parasites on those who have less. This is against so many people's notion of capitalism, but it is necessary as this is one important aspect that is driving the wealth divide. You must all accept this and understand if you have more than 2 homes, you are taking more of the pie and helps to cause more instability. Save this...I will devote a website to show the entire plan. Antichrist should follow it. :)

To Mr. DOW 14K:

Insanity. Spoonfed information to think corporations actually have more cash now? Think again. The debt actually went up on corporations. You need to research the right places.

Economic data is still very bad.

The huge debt of $16.6 Trillion for the US government (including State and Local) exceeds our GDP. We have an unfunded liability of $111 Trillion.

We have Germany, France, Ireland, Portugal, Spain, Greece, and more with debts far exceeding their GDP. Never before in history had this happened to so many governments at the same time.

And let's talk about Alcoa, first to report, profit fell 21% from last year. Earnings stellar? only if you want to call beating lowered expectations.

You want to educate yourself on the debt of the average citizen? Over $50K. Untenable. Wages falling, more and more out of work. Higher food costs, higher utility costs, and taxes must soon rise to deal with our huge debts.

Forward-looking, we must go through years of negative to flat GDP growth before we are anywhere near a stable market.

World market collapse is coming.

21 million government workers. You get 4 million unemployed. But people normally just look at the surface or just one aspect of what more has to occur at the same time.

The amount of taxes would then be less by not having to support those who produce nothing. We could then have a 35 hour workweek to enable millions more to be employed. Simultaneously fines must be imposed on corporations amounting to the US minimum wage for each foreign worker they hire and getting 15 million people who are foreign felons, that is those who are here unlawfully and you will drive down the cost of living by having more homes and rentals available.

The complete plan will work. But, people must stand behind it, and strong.

There will be losers in going through this...a few unlawful persons, and the wealthiest but they can withstand going from being 50 times richer than the median to 40 times richer than the median.

Hiring freezes and wage freezes are old policies that does not get us faster to the cure.

As far as entitlements go, food stamps have to be cut in half. I talk about this in my book. If you shop well you can do it. No one should be living on the dole very comfortably but when in need we need to continue.

Social security recipients, only those who need it. It is insurance just like car insurance. If you do not get in a wreck, you do not collect. And no more caps on social security with-holdings. I do object to employer matching of FICA, and that needs to be fixed as it hurts small businesses who overlook the impact of this added cost - so employee needs to pay slightly more and employer paying less.

Health care is another contention. It is from greed that those in the medical profession think they are deserving of such high salaries. I go into this and am open for input. The prices must fall and that means wages fall for those who make so much in the medical profession that is unduly hurting most of its people. This needs to be addressed to lower the cost of living as well.

The savings per citizen is only $985. US debt clock site. Credit being paid off. Where is the money for Christmas?

About 2 million graduate from high school or turn 18 each year which means 150K per month is a better approximate for the number of jobs needed to keep up with population growth, not 125K.

It does not even matter if 100K is added. 50K loss accumulated over 1 year is 600K jobs gone.

There is one major reason why corporate profits soared and it's massive cost cutting, eliminating workers that will reduce future revenue and some of this is justified as people spend less but it's overdone to pay the richest shareholders and more foreign labor is being used. You can add some inflation in the numbers as well, so this should be a corrective factor when figuring out PE ratios.

On a per citizen basis, personal debt is $53K.

While credit cards are being paid off slowly, along with more out of work, and wages not going up except if you are lucky to work in government, the per citizen savings of $985 is actually falling.

The savings is less now than 30 years ago.

With so much debt you can not expect consumers to keep spending and thus no reason to hire more people.

It's a terrible time to be long in the stock market but those in it got lucky with the Fed's help. But it's not organic and thus the crash is still expected. Looking at the debts of many large countries and you can see it's at the tipping point.

I just emailed the Federal Reserve to urge them to stop meddling in the stock market. They are help hurting confidence in the system. They will be part to blame why people will not be in the stock market any longer. I will be out entirely and never come back once I regain a little.

This is causing me a really bad heart condition. I can't go on living with bad news keep rolling in and everything is so upside down. It is killing me psychologically. I am not kidding at all. I am very serious.

1. People do not want to borrow. They are paying off their credit cards.
2. Stock market up so high, it negates any more artificial tampering.
3. All will be created is greater inflation and getting us closer to world economic collapse.

Doing anything now would be extremely stupid on top of the past stupid ventures.

This can't be real. Fed pumps up the market from seeing bad futures and the manipulation continues.

Losing 100K jobs must be really sweet to the longs. Why not hope for more people to lose their jobs.

Look what you are drumming up. Just today we have corn, wheat, and soybean prices up more than 6% each. On one day!

Welcome to big new wave of inflation. This is absolutely terrible. The Fed has been causing so many problems and with representatives of longs in Wall Street wanting free easy money you will cause even greater destruction.

How do you feel about the Federal Reserve propping up the stock market that really helps mostly the top 1% of the country. Many short-sell it because it is so overpriced but the Fed is mowing them over. This is the biggest act of manipulation ever to occur in the stock market. Short-selling is only indicated when stocks are so overpriced in light of falling GDP, unemployment problems and this country's debt, not to mention the many foreign nations' debt. Otherwise if we just got to fair prices, everyone would be long in the market.

Why do we need to borrow? Why is the Fed trying to get us to borrow? What is wrong with living within our means?

You see what Bernanke is causing? A huge asset bubble in the financial markets and maintaining the housing bubble.

The United States, sad to say, is a bust. However, you have the Fed propping up stocks and killing short-sellers who invested based on prices being too high in this terrible economy.

It's one thing to be stupid and go long on stocks that are overpriced but to do your homework to know short-selling is the right way to go and then have the Fed manipulate the market on top of Wall Street doing the same, it is too much.

The Fed is showing the people that the game is rigged, no matter if the prices are going up. When they want, and it will happen, they will make the prices go down so the wealthy buddies can get back in it and draw more fools to go for the ride and keep making money over and over again.

We have employment problems, housing problems, debt problems, and more.

This market is primed to crash but may take an act of God with all the funny money the Fed has.

This job crisis adds another reason why the stock market should crash. The bad employment news early Friday morning before the opening bell sent futures low but apparently the Fed then manipulated that with buying of S&P500 futures to destroy the market dynamics. The Fed is mowing over short-sellers who know this economy is terrible and is setting up people who are buying into this overpriced market to lose lots of money when it falls.

You call this a good policy? Write to the Federal Reserve. They have a form you can fill and send to them online. Urge them to stop meddling in the stock market. They also do not want to help the many families and individuals in wanting affordable housing by them trying hard to maintain overly high prices. I urge you to tell the Federal Reserve to allow home prices to fall so we can get stability where buyers could afford homes. At present, especially on the East and West coasts, the median home price divided by the median salary range from about 6 to 10, clearly 2 to 3 times higher than the standard affordability factor of median home price to median salary of a factor of 3.

We can not get a recovery until the cost of living gets lowered. Your food prices have gone so high in recent years and just yesterday corn, wheat, and soybean prices surged 6% in anticipation the Federal Reserve will be throwing more band-aid money into the system that will benefit the banks yet again. These food commodities are a full 2 times higher than in year 2000 but the Fed likes to tell you all that there is no inflation, purposely ignoring the inflation over the past ten years that they do not want to rectify!

The Federal Reserve has to stop but it requires all of you to put pressure on them. Please, for the sake of this country, take the 5 minutes to go to their web site and send your thoughts.

Bernanke does not know what he is doing. He is propping up this stock market and thinking this will encourage borrowing. Borrowing helps to feed the rich.
Guess what? The savings is dropping. On a per person basis, currently it is at $983. Was at $984 yesterday so projected to be at $900 by the end of this year.
So you think people are out buying? NO! Car sales down, home prices still too high, expect a terrible Christmas...everything will be marked down and will cut into corporate profits.

Alcoa Aluminum just reported and its net profit fell 21%, even with inflation. This is just the start of the big realization that this country is fried. You've been given a false hope from the stock market gains over the last year. Remember the last 3 quarter GDP growth, in order were: 5+%, 3+%, 1+%. If you notice a trend, then you know why the Fed was going crazy in September by messing up the market dynamics in causing an unheard of rally that should be considered criminal manipulation.
With real wages falling, inflation continuing yet the Fed refutes it (basic foods have doubled in the last 10 years), people deciding to be responsible by paying off their credit cards, baby boomers pulling out money from the stock market, all the Fed is doing is pushing hard to get money in the pockets of his buddies-the ultra rich. It is going to fail.

You can check on the savings, credit lessening and even the debt of this nation at us debt clock org.

This market will fall hard despite Bernanke's malicious disruption of the equity markets. When this country experiences a revolution, I expect the key players in creating this mess will be behind bars.

People, people, people.

Don't you smell a set-up? How could this cut across all banks?

Trace it back to the Federal Reserve. Don't you think Bernanke wants to prevent the inevitable, the lousy planner as he failed to raise interest rates fast to try to stop the housing problem? He is pumping money into the system to weaken our precious dollar, pumping up the stock market to help the richest and does hardly a thing for those who are hurting.

We need lower home prices, but by this tactic the rich homeowners can enjoy higher home prices to give themselves greater worth on paper to do more and to give them time to find a sucker to overpay for homes they want to sell.


Any fines banks get (this is a fraud, believe me), will just go to more fees and lower interest rates on bank accounts to the consumers. Corporations never really pay for anything, it is PEOPLE who pay and there will be NO PERSON in the banks who will be sued.

Banks know this well. Bernanke knows it well. Does the public know it well?

Banks, and corporations, along with INCOMPETENT persons in government, including the fraudulent Federal Reserve are relatively UNTOUCHABLE!

They're like school teachers who molest their students but have the teacher's association to protect them from prosecution.

This world is going down the drain. We need to hope this will get corrected fast which would take a miracle, OR this all come to an end with a meteor slamming into the Earth or some devastating solar flare crippling our power grid. It is unbearable to live in corruption.

It took 200 years before capitalism is found out to be an even bigger bust. capitalism gives an illusion for a longer period of time whereby the less fortunate think they are getting ahead but they are really getting insidiously bled by the wealthy. It served the wealthy even more since the system enabled people to feel happier about giving their money to the rich because the illusion was well crafted. You must know now that is how it works.

Socialism does work. if you want regulation you are asking for socialism. If you want to decrease the wealth divide, you are wanting socialism. if you want to get higher wages even though a corporation doesn't want to for there is plenty of other workers to choose from, you are wanting socialism...and unions are a form of socialism. If you fall on your butt and need some assistance and no one will help, that is socialism. If you get injured and end up in a hospital emergency room and you get operated on before even finding out if you have the money, that is socialism. If you have kids and the go to elementary school without you paying directly for it, that is socialism. Must I go on?

Socialism, if well-run and people's minds understand the necessity, then it can be more prosperous.

For most Americans, sushi and tofu were bad words but not so much any longer. The same will be felt about socialism, however government must still be cut down and compensations lowered and operations ran more efficiently and even food stamps maximum limit needs to be cut in half. Greed, including feeling so special as a government worker with the empowerment it offers over the public and how it's so hard to get fired for doing nothing all day is not part of a system that actually works for the people. The bad attitudes emanating from how humans tend to behave needs to be straightened out for it to work. Government has to have outsiders monitoring their jobs as volunteer overseers and the use of lawyers to try to retain a job based on failed performance has to be addressed in some way.

Government put out a more rosy number than what Gallup found. It was still bad to send stock futures tumbling but the Federal Reserve unfairly ruined the market dynamics to make the market more unstable in buying S&P500 futures with funny money. The markets ended up big yet again on bad news. Who has had enough of this manipulation?

Learn what job creation is. If a job has to be invented but serves no lasting purpose, is it contrived or worthy?

Job transferring is something's no creating jobs but changing who gets them, such as illegal aliens and foreign nationals.

But in regards to housing, people should have known not to pay for a home that is 3 times greater than the median salary, but they didn't. No one can blame the banks for that. Banks do not go walk up to people's homes and hold a gun to their head and say you better buy an overpriced home.

Overall better for the consumers to get lowered priced homes. Accelerate the home foreclosures and get those newly built homes on the market.

People deserve better, lower prices, not the how they were overpriced over the last 15 years.

And homes should never be thought of as an investment. You've been given lots of bad ideas thrown into your heads in the last couple of decades.

Few would lose. The common person would win. Lower home prices means lower cost of living. So what if people are evicted. They can go and rent a lower priced place when this process gets underway.

The only losers would be the very wealthy who live parasitically off of lesser advantaged people via rentals. No one ever tells you this and this is a major reason why there is a big wealth divide. Some day there shall be a limit on the number of homes one may own.

$16.7 Trillion governmental debt (national+state+local). GDP = $14.55 Trillion.

Unfunded liabilities = $110.5 Trillion.

GDP growth has gown from 5+% to 3+% to 1+% and I expect the current quarter to be flat.

People are paying off their debts now and the per person amount in savings is a paltry $982 and dropping $1 every day. So, expect no increase in consumer spending in the near-term.

The only way we had increases in the last 1.5 years was from massive government stimulus that never addressed the underlying problems. (kicking out the felons, fining corporations who use foreign labor, lessen legal workweek, lessen government and their compensation, make more progressive taxation, limit number of homes owned per person to lower the cost of living which would also help reverse the wealth divide by wealthy living parasitically off of poorer people through rents, advanced more manufacturing but at lower than typical union wages to compete with the world, create more dams for hydroelectric power and for water containment [more electricity world wide is gotten from this type than nuclear], change the stock market system [and i developed one that cannot be manipulated], have public volunteers overseeing government operations to make certain the government employees work as they should, lessen entitlements in most cases such as reducing the maximum for food stamps to 50% of current levels and I demonstrate in my book that this is easily achievable as long as not buying filet mignon and expensive prepared food, alter the social security system payments to not have a limit and just as car insurance operates, if no accident then no collecting so the rich do not get their $1-2K monthly check on top of their $10-20K+/month earnings from other sources, alter social security checks to reflect cost of rents at the bottom quartile in each county and if an adjacent city has at least a 20% lower housing cost then it will be based on that, along with a small even amount for ordinary purchases, get rid of the federal reserve for reasons that its function does no real good for most people but interferes with the markets - a more functional reason than it is an unlawful entity)

Real inflation is upon us but the Federal Reserve refuses to count the inflation over the last ten years, instead only looking at recent inflation so they are mismanaging the money supply and maliciously interfering in the capital markets.

Alcoa Aluminum, first to report showed profits down 21% from last year.

Therefore, it is not prudent to be buying stocks while so overpriced and while our country is headed for disaster. Best thing to do is early morning call your 401-K administrator and say sell out all positions in this overly pumped up market caused by the Federal Reserve manipulations before the stock market tanks to lower than the lows of 2009.

It is crappy. There never was a recovery except phony appearance through massive government stimulus packages.

The real problems never got addressed, that's why we are still in a depression and will be getting worse.

Whatever country you are in, except for Russia and a few others, you might even have a debt greater than your GDP. This entire world economy is in trouble.

This was just emailed to the Federal Reserve Board Members. They are messing up this economy. Congress is the one that needs to do the work but they are incompetent. No leadership, no vision.

man: there's always fools who do not care about valuations. that works only when there are a sufficient number of other fools or if you have the federal reserve pumping up the markets.

people are getting smarter to valuations and much more about the economy so expect fewer fools to be in the game.

Because lots of people hoard homes and try to live off of others from rent. Wealthy parasites. You see, a parasite could be rich or poor, depending on the circumstance.

People are so dumb these days and were brainwashed into thinking homes are like stocks, a contrived investment where you can overpay and expect to find a greater fool to then sell to without concern over valuation.

If the median home prices are more than 3 times the median salaries, it's too much. This is the rule of thumb I stand behind from studying this for over 30 years. Currently this ratio is 6 to 10 in many areas on the coasts which means we still do not have a stable housing market.

As one who knows the education so well, I spoke about this in my book. Glad you pointed that out. College also can give a person an attitude, thinking the more years in school, the greater the wages later. Truth is most occupations require only a few days to a few weeks, sometimes a few months of training in school or on-the-job.

It is truly big business and so many people are dumb in the business world that they succumb to what schools claim what competency is and go along with the length of time it takes to complete the training.

Go to DOJ web site and make a complaint about the Federal Reserve meddling in the stock market. Please, it is imperative that we all work together to make the changes that government refuses to do on their own. I urge all of you.

Notify all of your friends to pull out their money entirely from this rigged stock market. They need to pull out of all 401-Ks. This market rally to go from 10K to 11K in just 5 weeks adds to instability and propped up by the Federal Reserve, not profits.

Expect the market to dump anytime.

Here's the analysis of the year:

Holding long positions or buying at this lofty level and if continued upward by Fed manipulation to ultimately destroy the American economy will caused all those dollars to be worthless, thus you lose all your money.

By selling all your long positions or by shorting this stock market, you would actually have HOPE that the economy will ultimately improve by government and people together facing the problems head-on, deal with the issues for a few years, the American institutions would be saved and you make some money along the way.

So very simple. You bet on destruction of US dollar to cause inflation to destroy the country, or short sell on optimism that we fix our problems.

This would indicate our economy is in serious trouble, thus market crash.

And moreover, it would show that government and media were putting out lies to provide for greater loss in investor confidence.

22 straight weeks of outflows form the market. $20 Billion taken out by retail investor in September yet the market goes up 12% on manipulation by the Federal Reserve.

This should tell all of you that if you did not pull out your money yet you better do so now. Do not let the manipulators try to get you back in the market at these high prices -they are waiting for that so they can unload their positions onto you.

By Tyler Durdan on 0-hedge
It is not at all surprising that ICI's latest weekly flow report confirms what everyone with half a brain has known for a long time: the 22nd weekly outflow from domestic mutual funds is now in the history books. One more month, and we will have had an unprecedented 6 months of consecutive outflows, even as the market continues to levitate ever more incredulously on nothing but Fed POMO action (and Brian Sack's much more stealthy "collaboration" with Citadel), vacuum tube upward feedback-loop momentum on no volume, and the custodian banks' terrorist forced buy-in action in ETFs like SPY and IWM. Absent these three factors stocks would have been around 50% lower. In the meantime, and contrary to what CNBC was misrepresenting on national TV, the 22 weeks of consecutive outflows now amount to $76 billion in capital taken out by retail investors from domestic stock funds, and $75 billion YTD. And here is the scariest statistic for the administration, the Fed, and bankers around the world: in September $20 billion was pulled out from domestic stocks. This occured despite the nearly 9% surge in stocks. Which means that the bankers, the HFTs, the Fed, and whoever else may be accumulating stocks in expectation of retail jumping in for the latest round of passing the hot potato, is out of luck. With the failure of this latest attempt to sucker retail "dumb" money into stocks, cannibalization time for the big boys has finally arrived. Have fun passing the steaming bucket of explosive feces to each other, boys.
People, listen up. The per person savings is only $981. This figure is dropping $1/day. Real inflation and loss of wages is cutting into most everyone. They are even pulling money out of the stock market. 22 straight weeks of outflows and $20 Billion outflow during the record month of manipulation in September.

There is no real money behind this fake rally. You must all get out before it comes tumbling down. This is probably the biggest orchestrated scam on any people of a country in terms of money than ever before in history.

This will certainly go down in the record books.

We need some real reporting to expose the real happenings of the stock market without fear of losing their job. The Federal reserve purposeful manipulation of the stock prices is no less than criminal. No one can pump stocks with a trillion dollars to purposely pump stocks and get away with it like the Federal Reserve is doing.

Per person savings at $981 and falling. Do not expect Bernanke to make any QE cause money to get into your savings account - it will all go to the wealthy -those who he represents!

Per person Interest on the debt is $6,209 and rising.

Per person for just the national debt is $43,727 and rising.

The national debt per taxpayer is $121,937 and rising.

So why would anyone want the Federal Reserve to be adding to our debt?

1. Write to Department of Justice and demand that the Federal Reserve be prosecuted for the obvious malicious undermining of the stock market.

2. Write to the Federal Reserve and demand they stop causing this country to go deeper in debt.

DOJ can be written via normal email. You can send the Fed a message on their web site.

What decent earnings? Alcoa, first to report came out with a profit decrease by 21%, suggesting much over-priced market. Others since have not done better.

Bernanke is trying to be the one who single-handedly takes down an ailing market. Congress, through cutting spending and fining corporations who use foreign labor including those whoa re here illegally is part of the solution.

Barnanke probably is not aware of us debt clock org site where anyone can clearly see people are choosing to pay down their debt and their savings is dropping along with it.

The Fed by doing QE will just give free money to the of those who are less advantaged.

Biggest monetary scam ever in the history of the world is in front of us at this very moment.

Go to federal reserve site and send them a message. You are able to do so.

From their massive illegal operations to undermine the stock market I had to write them 8 times in the last several days.

And you should also write to the Justice Department demanding prosecution of the Fed for purposely manipulating the markets when not justified...they have a mandate for stable pricing but it is not for making asset bubbles. Had the PE ratio of the S&P500 fell below 7, I would say, OK, do it, but not when it's around 20. The Fed is operating against its mandate and thus unlawful.

we need lower taxes which means get rid of government workers and cut their salaries and pensions as well. who cares if those slackers are out of work.

then you fine corporations that use foreign labor, kick out felons who crossed the border, and then half the work is done.

much better than what the federal reserve is doing.

Concentrate on the following:

"Even as the market was staging its September rally through what is historically the worst month of the year, corporate insiders were selling $5.4 billion worth of shares, the highest level since March, according to TrimTabs. Insider buying fell to $230 million for the month, the lowest since August 2009."

20:1 insider selling to buying. And this is in addition to retail investor outflows of $20 Billion in September. So it is now very well exposed that Wall Street along with the Federal Reserve just played the biggest con game on any country's people in all of history.

Yellen, please show that you are smart. Look at the debt of this country. Note that people are paying down their debts. Note that the savings per person is $981 currently and falling $1 per day.

People do not want more credit. You can see by how mortgage debt and credit card debt is decreasing.

All the Fed can do now is cause more problems except if they then sell those S&P500 futures to bring stock prices back to reality!

Just sent to Yellen via Fed's web site:

Janet Yellen,

In a story released by the AP today, the excerpt of the story of "Janet Yellen has supported the Fed's policy of ultra-low interest rates to bolster the economy and to help drive down unemployment."

The news story quoted you as saying "It is conceivable that accom[m]odative monetary policy could provide tinder for a buildup of leverage and excessive risk-taking..."

Please rethink your stance on keeping interest rates low. This situation differs from all others in past history as far as the excessive number of illegal aliens that has been increasing in a big way since around 1980, and of the fact that corporations these days will utilize so many more H1-B visa holders as well as use foreign labor in their home country to save costs to provide for who they care most for: their own executives and the richest shareholders.

I ask you, have you noticed much change in the unemployment rate from any action by the Federal Reserve? And how would quantitative easing help the average American when they choose to pay off their mortgages and prefer NOT to borrow? Total compensations are about the same now as in 2009 and less than in 2008. People are not saving at the rate that is put out by BEA as that is a derived statistic that differs from the actual per person savings of $981 and is dropping by about $1/day suggesting we have a negative savings rate. Giving more free money to the banks, wealthiest and to Wall Street would but be the net result of Federal Reserve's actions.

The POMO is already crushing many people like myself as the Federal Reserve decided to step outside the bounds of its mandate to cause an asset bubble (are you aware this is being done?) in the equity markets. So, this is proving to be a debacle as well. Net outflows from mutual funds was $20 Billion in September. Insiders sold at the rate of 20 times of buying during the same month. The Fed has orchestrated the biggest monetary con job on an entire nation's people than ever before in history. The Fed is unlawfully intently altering the valuations of stocks and making people ... [lose who rightfully choose to short this overpriced market on substantive grounds.]

As I said all along, this is a matter for Congress, not the Federal Reserve. But there is no leadership nor any visionaries in Congress. Still, the Federal Reserve's actions thus far helped predominantly the wrong entities and it would be best to stop meddling where it is not warranted. Now please bring up the interest rate to reflect the true inflation of the items people are buying most of including food.

There exists apartments. Apparently these freeloading home buyers don't know what they are. If anyone knows one of these freeloaders, please inform them of this option.

Why can't deadbeat buyers just move into an apartment? Why make this a big headache for the rest of us? First they were dumb in thinking they could afford something they couldn't which required a 5th grade intelligence to figure out and then they want to live for free, greedily off of all the responsible people. Unbelievable!

Check into a hotel now and search for an apartment during your stay!

Bernanke micromanages more than Greenspan and thinks debt is good.

If you are losing at the craps table, there's a time to walk away, not borrow more to try to recoup losses. In the meantime, if continuing to pay, the interest on the debt is adding up to more than you can ever win back. Sound familiar?

The Fed's involvement will be the last chapter on America as we know it.

Stock market currently 2-3 times over-priced. In bad economic times the PE ratio of the S&P500 tends to 7. And not just that, we are in a unique time in history with soaring debts to unprecedented levels in so many countries. us debt clock org site and see for yourself. Click on upper left corner to see it once on the page. In addition, we have the GDP growth going from 5 to 3.7 then to 1.7 and I expect zero, the real per-person rate after subtracting the population growth rate. You want more? Savings per person in USA is only $980 and falling $1 per day because of paying down debts. This means do not expect consumer spending to improve by normal measures. The real improvement in society is to spend less but that's not good for corporate profits. Still more? No time in history were jobs outsourced as they are now, preventing the unemployment rate from being improved. Government workers salaries and pensions extremely high and causes for government debts. $16.7 Trillion government debt compared to just $14.55 T for the GDP. Unfunded liabilities at $111 Trillion. If the government debt of $125K per taxpayer is not enough to tell you that we have to raise taxes dramatically soon as well to also show stocks are overpriced, well sorry. One more thing, this market had a big upswing from Federal Reserve POMO and expectations of more bank bailouts that will not help the average person.

You need to contact the Department of Justice to make your voice heard. Many of you need to be doing this. The mandate set for the Federal Reserve was not to artificially prop up equity markets when already overpriced but to simply maintain fair pricing.

It is unlawful to purposely manipulate the price of stocks and therefore the Federal Reserve is committing an infraction of the law.

Stock futures manipulated again. Dow futures was -73, then it was around -55, and then -40, and now just -31.

You need to write to the Department of Justice to tell them you've had enough manipulation of the equity markets by the Federal Reserve.

This happens every morning when futures are down since the beginning of September.

I want the Fed to be the backstop to the losses I am getting from rightfully short-selling this over-priced contrived market. I am not a banker. Do I qualify?

I am sure I am not the only one shorting this overpriced market. Who would even imagine that the Federal Reserve would manipulate our stock market. What a fraud.

They should stick to what they already have little ability in doing right and that is setting the interest rates.

We need several years of recession to wash out the excesses but the Federal reserve wants to keep all this pumped up so the wealthy can benefit off of everyone else.

We also need to address the debt which includes government workers and their compensation, welfare, and jobs and that means addressing foreign labor and shortening the legal workweek.

But no one wants to fix the underlying problems! This is so messed up. Do these people in power including the Fed have no more than a 100 IQ? We cannot have average people leading the way. We need those who can see through the mess and not keep up the same old system.

Wall Street will always be crooked but nothing beats the manipulation caused by the Federal Reserve. Too many days the market is down in the futures market then manipulated up at the bell and then if stocks fall 1% they are so often bought up lightening fast to finish higher.

This is far from normal and can only be attributed to massive manipulation with limitless money that can only be traced to one entity.

Bernanke can't think on his own. He like many others think high growth is good when it is not unless there are very good reasons for it.

He hasn't yet figured out that if we had a shorter legal workweek we could get more people employed.

We do not need the GDP going up unless we feel the need to give more money to the rich. Buying less and being more self-sufficient is not what the rich wants from us and so Bernanke is trying any way he can to make the divide between the rich and poor even wider.

The fine print: "The figure excludes volatile numbers from shipbuilders and electric power companies"

Seems they play the same games as in America. Take out the bad data and give the "good" news.

The more I see of this, the closer I think a supernatural entity will have to come to earth and straighten out the lies.

Why is USA pressuring China on its currency when USA is purposely making its dollar weak through trillions of dollars of borrowed money to try to hold up overpriced homes, overpriced stock market and create inflation?


America will bring down the entire world. This is the great plan and most of you people are being taken for fools. America's debt and unfunded liabilities exceeds the debts of all other nations combined!

Let this be clear to everyone:

Total personal debt is $16.3 Trillion = $52,501 per person
Total personal savings = $979 per person

personal debt is falling very slowly. People are choosing to pay off debts. With inflation in food prices and in other areas that the Federal Reserve is ignoring, the personal savings is falling $1 per day and so by the end of this year it will be only $900 per person.

This country is in a big hurt. Federal Reserve throwing more paper in the fire is not going to help the average person but that money will gravitate to the wealthy. The average person could be borrowing right now, or buying more right now but choose not to. The Federal reserve can do nothing about utilization of foreign labor. The Federal Reserve can do nothing about foreign countries who are experiencing debt problems that causes less sales to US multinational corporations. It can try to play with the value of the dollar but yet USA complains about China holding their currency too low which is really hypocrisy at its best.

Then look at the following:

National debt = $13.6 Trillion (increasing several times faster than the GDP)
Total unfunded liabilities = $110.8 Trillion. ($300 Billion more than just a week ago)

This country is going to crash. It is inevitable. I am telling you all the absolute truth. The Federal Reserve's policies have been and always will be an outright failure for the common person but always works well for the wealthy. If you are long in stocks, you must pull out entirely. Let those elite play poker amongst each other and you will see them all losing - their only savings grace will be for our government to bail them out when the markets really sink to levels not seen since early 1990's.

The SEC and Justice Department are looking the other way and not ever going to question the mandate of the Federal Reserve that it is violating and moreover it is manipulating unlawfully, intently, maliciously by altering valuations of the equity market. The day of reckoning is not far off.

Copy this post and send to your friends. In a few months from now, you will see something rather dramatic.

Lost 1/3 of all my money shorting this totally manipulated market. For those who hate short-sellers, you need to understand that it is useful when stocks are overpriced when there is no real alternative to invest money while stocks are so overpriced in light of the real terrible economy and real huge debt problems.

Home prices too high, stock prices too high. If the stock market would have just fallen 1% more from August 31, I'd be doing just fine and sold the short ETFs and watch this country self-destruct with Bernanke at the helm. The Federal Reserve is running this country now, not the president and you will see before long how terrible it will become.

The wealthiest few percent own almost all the stocks so if you think this upward move on nothing is helping your tiny accounts, realize that whatever you make will end up costing you more from higher prices through inflation and ongoing consolidation.

Good luck to every one of you, even if you do not understand the principle of shorting. If you know a piece of candy is worth only 10 cents and someone is trying to peddle it for 20 cents and you know it is out of line, betting that the price will go to what is more reasonable is doing no harm at all.

Now, if I can get the Federal Reserve to compensate me for losing $40K. They help out their banking buddies so why not me as well?

Why wasn't Bernanke propping up the markets in 2008? If he would have done that, it would have been pretty cool.

But he waited to do the major manipulation right after I unloaded my savings account of $50K+ at Chase making just 0.25% interest (thank you Ben for this too) and put into short ETF fund since the stock market was too risky to go long in such horrific times? So no money to be made in banks and going long on stocks made no sense on a valuation basis, so shorting made the greatest sense. But in the last 6 weeks it feels like I am in Alice in Wonderland where nothing makes sense. $50K went to $28K so took me years to save, and this is not counting my IRA account that is 100% short ETFs! The Fed owes me some money. They gave away all those contracts and I am certain someone profited much more than the amount I lost. Where can I get my free hand-out since the stock market is so rigged by the Fed? Either keep it rigged and give me a hand-out or get out and let this market fall like a rock!


Are you guys ready for the truth?

Uncle Ben didn't want there to be over a million home foreclosures for this year. That would hurt the propaganda spin being put on this economy. So, a clever plan was devised to have all banks do some monkey business. The banks are putting up a little fight to make this not look like a set-up.

But now you know.

I have hammered the FOMC to tell them anything they do will hurt the economy and create a greater divergence in the wealth divide.

We do not even need tax cuts. We need austerity measures. The real problem is this desire for huge growth all the time and holding onto the fallacy that high stock prices and high home prices are good when in fact they are not good unless there is an equilibrium of buyers and sellers with a real foundation in the prices whether it be real and not phony earnings to get fair PE values around 12, and not 20, and median home prices down to 3 times median salaries but in each case we are about 40% too high at current levels.

Stability will happen once more excesses are taken out of the system and we RESET our GDP to a lower raw number and then have forward growth at 1.5 to 2 percent and not try to make it any faster than this. A country's GDP would be stable, except if it is in a major growth coming out of a 3rd world status would be to be the population growth percentage plus the percent provided by increasing efficiencies.

by email. tell them this stimulus is only stimulate inflation and people have so little money so the end result will be disaster and wealthy will be the biggest benefactors.

get on it today. do not wait.

you have to write congress and federal reserve.

this stock market has to come down as well as home prices and then with GDP reset lower we can start rebuilding.

most definitely. you go and take a look at our government debt that exceeds our GDP. this holiday shopping season is going to be bad. average savings per person in this country stands at only 976 dollars.

Burn-Hanky already caused me to lose $40K short selling this stock market. I developed a new stock market system that would have no manipulation and no need for short-selling but the way the present system is designed, when stocks are too expensive and you have no other place to put your money (Chase was paying me only 0.25% on 50K of savings for example), the only logical thing to do was to short sell.

This market needs to crash. I have no faith in the system. Greed is too much. Too much unfairness. In 2 weeks the plan for prosperity will be available for all to see. thomasblankenhorn-worldleader

$111 Trillion unfunded liability.
$16.7 Trillion government debt including state and local.

There is no way this is getting better. Congress won't raise taxes nor cut back on their spending. We have too many over-paid government employees helping out this bankruptcy. Many nations economies copied America in greed and they are also bankrupt.

And now you have Burn-Hanky who thinks he is god and has the power to create jobs by inflating our money supply. He needs to go back to the university and stay there. His theories are flawed.

America will be destroyed by greed. The solutions are obvious to me and I will let them all be known before long. We need a new leader who will work for free.

People bought plants to grow their own food plus shovels and rakes. Had to get a light truck to do hauling at $10 per hours since no jobs are around. Had to buy more furniture for the greater number of people living under one roof because rents and homes are too expensive.

You call this good? What a laugh!

Regardless of differing stances, this among many other reasons including jobs and the huge debt problem, the stock market should be 40% lower.

I wish all of you would go onto the Federal Reserve site and tell them not to be pumping half a trillion into the pockets of the wealthy. The average person is not going to benefit. The stock market, owned predominantly by the wealthy is who the Fed Chairman wants to protect.

The Federal Reserve of the United States is purposely manipulating its currency.

I hope Chinese are reading this post.

How could our government be claiming foul play when it is obvious that it is being done here?

You all can rant here and get nothing accomplished. I write to the Federal Reserve lots but my efforts are worthless when I am one of probably very few who will do it.

Today, more than ever before in history, you must take action before it gets really bad in this country. Ben Bernanke is driving this country into another Mexico with hos now present stance that inflation is not high enough! He wants to flood the market with more dollars, perhaps $0.5 Trillion more that will end up not in your hands but in the hands of the wealthy, causing the recent report of the greatest divide between rich and poor to get even wider.

You must all go to the Federal Reserve web site and send a message stating you will not tolerate him bailing out the wealthy in wall street. What he does with wall street does not create any more jobs but allows for greater bonuses and more outsourcing of labor.

You are fortunate [replying to someone who remarks about the market always goes up] the Federal Reserve manipulated this market up. Extending the graph of the DOW from 1920 to 1980 onto 2010 the DOW would only be at 2000.

September 1 started a new wave of manipulation to take the market up 15% when if it didn't the DOW would be below 9000 and CLOSER to fair value.

In bad times, the PE ratio of the S&P500 is 7 and this time should be the worst in history indicating perhaps a PE of 4-5, and not around 20.

Futures were down 0.5% a few hours ago, why this manipulation almost every single morning since September 1, 2010? Futures always get to positive by the opening bell.

Everyone has to know the Federal Reserve is behind this and they are messing up the market dynamics.

Then why is the fed wanting to create more inflation. Look at the markets, all is fine, right? LOL. The Fed is a joke and unless you all write to the Federal Reserve in anger, this country will be going down fast.

If the stock market reflected the actual economy, it would be down at least 30%.

But you have the Federal reserve unlawfully manipulating the markets and that is not part of their mandate.

Write to the Federal Reserve and express your disapproval of the Fed wanting to cause more inflation. Look at your rising food cost for example. The Federal Reserve wants to ignore this!

Reporter, try investigating the real reason and it is manipulation, part of which is from the Federal Reserve and nothing to do with Citibank.

The mounting bad news has been perverted to meaning good news. This schizophrenia can not last forever.

Why would anyone pay more than 5 times the median income for a home? The ratio got to 20 in San Francisco.

Posted on:
Ridiculous. If the market shows a price a price either at the bid or ask and someone else wants to trade at that respective price, it should be allowed to do so.

What a scam to have trades reversed.

This shows how bad the system is. I developed anew stock market system that would prevent such a scam and even the Federal Reserve wouldn't be able to manipulate the market. It has been sent to the SEC a couple months ago, along with a modified proxy voting system that would enable small shareholders a greater voice but I suppose reform is not what the people want else we'd have a better system already. You can do you part and urge that the new stock market and proxy voting system that they have in their possession gets distributed around for comment and then perhaps we'd have a much superior system. Ninety percent of Wall Street would not be needed with the new system and so this may be what is feared - less people taking other people's money - but we need this corrected with no more delay.

How many thousands of workers did IBM let go of in the last year to make its numbers?

We all know the numbers for Wall Street is far more important than making any kind of profit, even if zero profit in the bad times in trying to retain employees.

No emotion corporations shall be the new reason to take them down.

I encourage all of you to go onto the Federal Reserve web site and express your disapproval of the Chairman wanting to purposely cause greater inflation. Food price already so high but he feels higher food prices will make people even happier.

From his book, you take the square root of the number of shares owned.

Person A having 100 shares becomes a relative factor of 10
Person B having 10,000 shares becomes a relative factor of 100

Without the modification, person B would have 10 times the voting power but with the modification, it would only be 10. Having more shares always gives more voting power but it won't be linear. In this way, when you have insiders owning a large amount of shares, they won't always get their way. Nearly every time anything gets on the proxy that the management wants, it gets it for there's an overwhelming number of shares held by insiders (as well as some institutions).

I suppose you don't pay attention to the government debt that exceeds the GDP nor the $111 Trillion unfunded liability. How are you going to come up with just the $4 Billion per day to pay the interest on the debt? When you figure that out tell us all about the great health of this nation. That money has to be repaid and it's going to come out of all of our pockets, with the wealthiest being the greatest benefactor yet again to widen the wealth divide that was reported only weeks age as the greatest in history.

Search for a us debt clock org.

Do you have any idea what it would take just to stop the bleeding?

The problem with stock markets is that people who lack the ability to see what is going on in the greater economy as well as those who pay no attention to fair valuation, are allowed to trade. Just like voting this happens and the results are obvious.

"One-time" charges count and almost should never be highlighted when charges are a normal part of business. This is part of the scam on the common person in fooling them, suggesting something is better than is really is.

The Federal Reserve is at it right this moment buying up S&P500 futures, preventing normal market dynamics! This is serious. This can not be happening because it makes for an unfair marketplace. Everyone needs to contact the president, Elizabeth Warren and the Federal Reserve to urge to stop this.

Bank of America was at 12.2 then the Fed pumps it up. It drifts lower then pumped up again.

The Federal Reserve is using the people's money to make for an unfair market and so many will be buying at inflated prices and when this market falls there will be many losers. Short-sellers already were mowed over during this process, the next step is to wipe out those who are long in the market and the wealthy will be laughing. That is who the Fed Chairman is working for. I never thought our Federal Reserve would resort to such dirty manipulative tricks on the people of this country but the facts of this is right before our eyes. Since September 1, 2010 this has been going on and it is ruining our country.

Watch out for another scam on the American people by Wall Street analysts having an idea what the real results will be so the estimates are purposely lowered just enough to beat the estimates. This game has been going on for so long. There should no longer be any estimates and only the guidance in the conference call the prior period ending should be spoken of.

People buying into this fake rally will soon be led off the cliff. This is the routine at Wall Street. We have seen it many times but nothing like now when so much bad news is reported.

Go to us debt org site and you will see the average savings is only $973 and falling $1 per day. No way can this economy keep getting artificially propped up. People decide to pay off their debts and so bank accounts are getting depleted. Expect no good holiday shopping season.

And to think the Fed Chairman wants there to be greater inflation so your food prices will go even higher. You need to contact the Fed on-line and express your disapproval.

I do not want to buy apple stock especially at these high prices! But the Federal Reserve is buying it up indirectly through pumping up the market buying S&P500 futures. America is doomed when our tax dollars is being used to buy into an overpriced market. This manipulation must stop. The Federal Reserve is not your stock broker!

When markets are pumped up so high he wants only one asset class to benefit and the rest of America will be screwed.

You must all do your civic duty now more than ever and write or call all you can in government to prevent the Fed from taking our country down.

Gold is safer than this rigged stock market with 4 times overpriced stocks. In a bad economy the PE ratio of the S&P500 tends to 7. This time a PE of 5 is indicated.

Gold relates more to our weak dollar and with $130 T combined direct debt and unfunded liabilities this makes sense.

China knows how to control its economy. The Federal Reserve does not.

We should have had a 2% fed funds rate since 2008 to curb the food, stock, and gold inflation. We could have stability but the Fed Chairman wants instability.

I want to have a bank account in China. How can I do it?

American banks like Chase wants to pay only 0.25% on a $50,000 savings account.

Thank you Federal Reserve and scummy banks!

Watch bank deposits decline. Keep one person at home with the family's money and a gun. You'll need the gun as well to protect your gold and the crops you plant on your property by being responsible while some crack-head family refuses to act proactively and will be going around trying to steal.

The richest people who the banks would listen should be telling the banks it's alright to have a smaller profit, just don't nickel and dime everyone to death, but that would be a fantasy world.

The per person savings is only $970 and falling by $1 per day according to us debt org site so why even bother having money in the bank. So what if you have to drive to an office to pay for cable TV and phone bills using cash.

As I told you by the end of next year it will be so painfully obvious that there will be one national bank.

No more Bank of America.

No more Citibank.

No more Chase.

No more Wells Fargo.

All the smaller banks will be gobbled up by late summer, 2011.

I can't tell you any more than this.

You will now know how this market jumped 15% on bad news.

The Federal Reserve is running a ponzi scheme with banks to dupe the American public.

Write to your congressperson and Attorney General to complain about this scam.

DANGER! The Fed is manipulating this market. More bad reports after the bell. Even Apple was down $3 in after-hours but we have the futures up! Is this a laugh or what? Except people are losing money, mostly short-sellers but those long in the market will be the next losers as this market can not be held up forever. Longs should get out immediately and then the Federal Reserve, the banks, and the wealthiest will be the only ones in the stock market.

The common person needs to invest in making a garden at home and be out of the scam market. Just say no to Fed manipulation. Wall Street alone is tough enough to deal with but now we have a very unstable equity market being it's too high and the Fed wants to drive it even higher if it could and also make your food prices higher as they said they want inflation even higher!

This is truly amazing. It's like this is all being set up with a real bad ending.

Everybody, please contact your congress representative and tell them you had enough of this Federal Reserve POMO manipulation of the markets. The futures are up not because of investors but because of manipulation.

The market is truly rigged. The Federal Reserve is purposely trying to pump up the market to do two things: wipe out short sellers and then wipe out longs as this fake rally was started by the Federal Reserve in early 2009 and was in full force again in September 1, 2010. The market has to go down and those buying at the top will be big losers. Never in history was there such a scam on a nation's people in terms of monetary corruption like this.

I hope you all see the seriousness of this.

It makes stocks overpriced and not good. It hurts short sellers who rightfully try to make money since there is no good alternative - stock prices are too high which means unstable and not the right way to go about investing. If too high, do not buy.

Those who buy at these high levels and when the POMO cant make stocks go up and then falls hard, people would have lost more than if the Fed didn't get involved in 2009 in this scam.

You like how the Fed wants to have high home prices as well? High does not mean good. People need homes but they are still unaffordable.

Please get this things of if it's high it's good mentality out of your mind.

There were incompetent persons throughout the country who lack the math skills to plan and the public will have to pay for the over-paid government workers who did this. Taxes will go up, stock market go way down. The Federal Reserve with its funny money cannot even deal with all this debt. It is over $3 Trillion for state and local government.

America needs to face the facts and adjust, not keep throwing money on the problems. Please write to the Fed, Congress, and President. All three. You must do it. the cure is simple but overlooked. Demand by the masses and it can happen. Spend a little time. You may copy the following:
If the Fed didn't get involved, there would be no need for short selling. The DOW could be at 4000 and then inch up slowly from a lower reset level. This would not hurt main street but it would be better as it would relate to the actual economy that we must face head on and fix correctly.

The Federal Reserve is acting like an irate 10-year old and demanding more and more growth and making more inflation and a super-heated economy that is UNSTABLE, all against the mandate of the Federal Reserve.

We could simply have a 35-hour work week to get more employed, cut the size of government, cut the compensation drastically of government workers, and penalize corporations who use foreign labor. And then there needs to be controls over health care cost including forcing wages down.

That is your cure, very simple. Write your Congress and tell them this is what is needed and not the Federal Reserve trying to take down our country with ridiculous policies and stock market manipulation.

Makes more sense than how the US government along with the Federal Reserve is doing to us. The Fed is acting like our paid stock broker now and buying up stocks at too high of levels.

Special charge huh? There will always be special charges. This is part of the scam on the investing public, pick and choose what goes into numbers to make them look better.

This was caused by manipulation from the Federal Reserve, not driven by the economy or investors.

Reporter, please research POMO and write a story about how this market is manipulated upward on public debt.

FAKE RALLY brought to you by the Fed acting as your stock broker paying for over-priced stocks!

Their Schedule for illegal market manipulation POMO:
October 15, 2010
October 18, 2010
October 20, 2010
October 22, 2010
October 26, 2010
October 28, 2010
November 1, 2010
November 4, 2010
November 8, 2010

All dates above for Outright Treasury Coupon Purchase except for today October 20 for Outright TIPS Purchase

Everyone should get out of the market and let those who wish to be in the rigged market to be fleeced.

The Fed can't make the market move higher forever. The bottom will fall out any time. Higher taxes are necessary and employment is never going to come back - unless we cut the legal work week to share in the work available.

Do as I - we need greater numbers who speak their minds to those whom it matters else we will have America completely destroyed.

Write to the President, Federal Reserve, and Congress, all on-line and express your disapproval of the Federal Reserve wasting our money acting like our paid stock broker illegally pumping up the market buying over-priced stocks and wanting to continue this operation to create more inflation. People are already being hurt with high fuel prices, high food prices and the Fed Chairman says inflation is not high enough! This is absolutely amazing! PLEASE do your civic duty and help straighten out this country. Email today, please. This country needs all of your help.

The Federal reserve is manipulating our currency to make it weaker.

And yet our government claims that China is manipulating their currency?

This is a clear case of the pot calling the kettle black.

Do your civic duty now and write to the President, Congress and Federal Reserve on-line to express your view you do not want the Federal Reserve causing more inflation also to stop the Fed from manipulating the stock market by using all of our money buying over-priced stocks. We will all lose as a result.

The Fed's mandate according to their own words is to maintain stable prices but pumping up the stock market to make UNSTABLE prices is contrary to their goal.

In addition, Home prices are not stable, they need to fall more before we have stability, but the Fed is undermining our economic system.
If the Fed says there is a modest recovery why is it constantly illegally pumping up the stock market using OUR money against our will buying over-priced stocks?

When this market tanks to reflect the true economy, we will all be big losers.

This is not new news to you but on many accounts I think you know who is lying to us at the Fed.
"High unemployment is one of the Fed's biggest concerns. That's why Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke and his colleagues are widely expected to launch a new program at their Nov. 2-3 meeting to bolster the economy. The Fed is expected to buy Treasury bonds in a bid to drive down interest rates on mortgages, corporate loans and other debt. The hope is that cheaper credit will persuade Americans to increase spending, which would help the economy grow and lead companies to hire more workers."

Look up the per-person savings. It is only $970 and falling $1 per day. Expected to be just $900 by the end of this year. There is no money people can spend and yet the Fed wants there to be higher food and fuel costs through purposely wanting more inflation. It is laughable that a person with so much power says something so ridiculous. One person will do more harm to this country than anyone else and he sports a trimmed beard.
We need to face the facts and do what England is doing. Escalating debt won't fix our system

The interest on the national debt alone is $4 Billion per day!

The Fed can't print up money that fast.
Sorry it was not for that reason. The market was pumped up before 1 am eastern time, hours before the opening bell on no good reason except that the Fed was buying S&P500 future contracts.

Adding the POMO during the day and look what you have. This is not about corporate profits. This stock market is somewhere around 3 times too high relative to PE ratios in a terrible economy.
Actual unemployment about 22% and rising but government won't count all of them. The per person savings is $970 and falling by $1 per day, bringing the number to $900 by Christmas.

People are not spending as they use to. Lower real wages and people paying off their debts is great but the Federal Reserve hates that. If the Fed wanted more people employed we could do what FDR grudgingly finally did and that was to lower the legal work week - and it was a success!

Please write to the President, Congress, and to the Fed online and suggest this. Pumping more money into the system will not help but hurt. We can't even pay off the interest on the debt that is $4 Billion per day or about $1.4 Trillion per year.
Federal Reserve Catch-22:
Put all your money into stocks to pump it up, giving false impression of economy.
People still out of work because no one can buy much with so little money from putting whatever they can into fake rallied stock market induced by Federal Reserve.

Corporate profits fall more, more people laid off, people's money becomes less, and with the Fed making higher inflation, people will be cashing in more of their401-K just to survive - more will go on food stamps, and our country will be destroyed, all because of a bearded man who is trying some illogical economic policies on this country.
Around 150K but news reporters bring it down to 125K.

Additionally, even if far less than 450K apply for unemployment benefits as this number has to decrease no matter what, it does not tell anything about the health of the economy - job gains do. You can have 100 people only applying for benefits every week for the next 10 years and hire no one -would that mean the economy is good? Those 150K every month would technically be unemployed and causing the real unemployment rate to go up.

I fear the time when those applying for benefits falls below 450K and stupid people parading about it when no parade is in order unless there is far more than 150K net jobs added per month.
I say buy foreign made products. Force this country down. The rich here benefit more from buying American-made products. Better that we all try to live as many in one household and grow as much food as possible. The rich will then be begging for our help for something.
Growth of 9.6% - 3.6% for inflation - 2% for population growth = 4% growth only. A real big pull-back.

Plus you need to read the story on a famous radio station owned by NY governor.

China has most all the rare-earth elements and is cutting production and quotas. This will disrupt high-tech industries around the world.
Every story is to pump up stocks. Positive spin always to draw in suckers at these extremely high UNSTABLE prices.

The Federal Reserve is behind this fake rally. Their mandate is to have stable prices but when it is manipulated it becomes unstable.
Go to Bloom Berg and see the story on rare earth elements that China has world control over. They are lessening world-wide shipments and it is crucial to high-technology companies. This will help crush economies like the United States.

I don't know why this site is not showing the story. This alone should make the markets fall 5%.
China rare-earth mining operations are at 91 and they want to shut operations to have only 20. They are lowering the quotas to foreign countries. America needs these for high-tech. Cerium prices 7 times higher than 6 months ago and the others including for making strong magnets that have many applications have gone up 2 times in price.

Expect prices of these elements to go even higher, and not only that but shipments world-wide will be only 1/4 of existing shipments thereby crushing our economy.
Timmah Geitner trying to get China to manipulate their currency higher as USA manipulates its currency lower.

If China's Yuan goes up, it will add to inflation. We don't have competitive prices for American-made goods...the Yuan would have to go up 2-3 times until it's competitive and that's not going to happen so we would only be getting more inflation.

Thank you, Treasury and Federal Reserve. Most of America is struggling with no jobs, extremely high home prices still high food prices, and a rigged over-priced stock market that disallows us to buy into it but forces only to short-sell it since stocks are so unstable at this artificially propped up level.
"A September gauge of future economic activity will likely point to sluggish economic growth into 2011, bolstering the Federal Reserve's case for moving to boost the economy."

With stocks artificially propped up by the Fed since March 2009 and in a major way since September 1, 2010 as everyone probably knows by now, why would there be more fuel added to the fire to boost the economy when they are simply boosting the stock market and nothing else and any future moves would be only to boost the stock market again, NOT the economy.

The stock market is NOT the economy!

The Fed wants to cause pain to most Americans by causing higher food prices. Smart move, eh?
The Federal Reserve is acting as our paid stock broker and I did not sign any document for the Fed to be buying over-priced stocks. This is unlawful when stock prices are so high. Had the PE ratio of the S&P500 fallen below 5 maybe it would be indicated but not now.

The Fed is going against its mandate by making unstable prices.
The big crash has yet to occur. A million band-aids put on this economy but nothing was materially fixed. The Fed has been pumping up the markets using funny money since March 2009 and in a major way since September 1, 2010.

There comes a day of reckoning that leaders in this country keep ignoring.
I hope all of you understand the math of this.

The economy will be worsening and jobs NEGATIVE even if new claims go lower and lower as they MUST.

You can't have constant velocity of job losses forever as there needs to be a certain number of employed people and never going to zero, so when the initial jobs claims gets lower do not consider that good. Soon it will taper downward in an asymptotical fashion.

The true indication of jobs comes in new hiring and that must exceed 150K per month to keep up with population growth.
The Fed says high food prices are not high enough so he will be using his might to drive food prices through the roof.

I know all of you guys are too lazy to write to Congress, the President and to the Fed to complain about this and so you will get it.
Look at this scam:
"Economists say that claims need to fall below 425,000 to signal that the economy is creating large numbers of jobs."

They keep raising this higher and higher. The proper number is 250K.

The public is being fleeced. I can't take this any longer. I feel I am about to go crazy, seriously. This is mentally disturbing to see such propaganda all the time. I would be better off living in China.
Jobless claims for last week revised up to 477K. Next week the 452K will be revised up to 460K.

It's a game that is worn out.
So many companies missed estimates, estimates lowered to make numbers, inflation helped make numbers better, foreign-exchange rate help make numbers better, so it's not all about the companies specifically.

America is in a dangerous zone. Corporations want profit to feed the rich at the detriment of producing more by keep laying off people. With more out of work a downward spiral results. Guess no economist is warning of this. I hope it continues though because only with extreme pain will the public start to scream for positive change.
SELL OUT YOUR ENTIRE 401-K and make the plutocracy listen to you.

You should be so lucky to get all this gain from Federal Reserve manipulation. Take your profits and get out forever. DO not ever come back. Have a garden at home and depend LESS on corporations. The rich will be crying. Believe me on this.
"The US government's weak-dollar policy has been at the center of the stock market's gains of the past 18 months."

Double-speak. Tim always says he wants a strong dollar. So who is lying?

And more importantly, how come the reporter doesn't mention the Federal Reserve's illegal POMO operations that effectively gives the Fed proxy over all of us to be our stock broker buying up over-priced stocks? Hmm.
That's $500 to each taxpayer for Freddie and Fannie bailouts so far.

And the CEO of these were making tens of millions of dollars.

Do you guys see yet that CEO pay should be no more than say 2 times the average worker. Never is it them alone who make things happen, it's the organization and anyone can be at the top and things work well, not because of brilliance, and in most cases they are clear failures...the rest of the time just lucky...few are good at what they do but still do not deserve 2 times the median salary. If I was making $30K per year doing hard work and was told I could be the CEO at the same rate of pay and hardly lift a finger, I'd take it and many of you would too but others have been brainwashed in thinking doing less means you have to make more money.
Chinese control 90% of rare earth elements. United States is highly dependent on this. China is shutting down 75% of its operations and will be giving very little out from now on. When shipments to United States goes to only 25% of present levels, high tech industry will be crushed.

This should be the major news but I don't see it here.

This should make world wide markets fall 10%, maybe 20 or 30% in the United States being this stock market has been unlawfully propped up by the Federal Reserve acting as our paid stock broker to overpay for stocks to manipulate the market higher but it will all fall down as never will manipulation work in the long run and the Federal Reserve Chairman should be in jail after the United States falls apart.
Garbage propaganda story. When unemployment benefits run out they are no longer counted as unemployed.

This is all to help make the rich richer by the common person throwing their money into an over-priced stock market. If the Dow was at 4000 it would be good to invest but it's not investing at this artificially propped up level.

Market crash is only delayed but will happen.

We have a total government debt exceeding our GDP, Total unfunded liability at $111 Trillion, the debt per person at $50K and savings per person at $969 and falling $1 per day. Government won't cut their expenses and so the people who have so little money will be squeezed into poverty.

These are the facts.
We can not pay the interest alone on our national debt. Combined national debt and state and local debts exceed our GDP. In addition our unfunded liability is at $111 Trillion. More jobs being outsourced to cater to the rich. Peer person debt higher than $50K and per person savings is at $969 and falling by $1 per day.

Not just that but China is shutting down 75% of its rare earth element mines. China controls 90% of world wide production. It is used for numerous high tech applications. Our country depends so much on these shipments from China but they will soon be only 25% of present levels which is another indication our country will go down.

When you factor in everything this economy is a bust.

I am right, the thoughtless longs are wrong, Bernanke is wrong, Geitner is wrong, but I am the one losing money.
One enormous reason to short this market. This site is not mentioning this but it is major news elsewhere.

Since no one is caring about the record high debts that will never get paid off unless the wealthy want to help make it happen and government cuts their workforce and compensation, this is one news item you better take note of.

China controls 97% of the rare earth elements and is cutting quota shipments worldwide by three-quarters. When the United States relies on these for so many high tech applications, our corporations will be crushed.
$534K per person debt in United States; break-down

Business/Corporate Debt (and you were told they had so much cash):
$21.7 Trillion = $70K per person

Government Debt
$16.7 Trillion = $54K per person

Personal Debt
$16.3 Trillion = $53K per person

Unfunded Liabilities
$111 Trillion = $357K per person

Total debt per person = $534K

Now why would anyone be buying stocks when this country is in dire trouble?
Always on a Friday afternoon so it won't allow those in the stock market to trade off of the horrendous economic trouble in this nation.
Sell your entire 401-K that is in the market. Take all your individual money out of the market. This country is doomed and this is no joke. You better start living more people under one roof to make ends meet because government is coming after you for more taxes soon enough. Do not expect a job to be for everyone because efficiencies and Asian workforce will take your place.
This country has never been in such economic turmoil ever in history. Get some seed and grow as much food at home as possible as well since the Federal Reserve Chairman wants to create more inflation to drive food costs higher. There is a total $554,000 debt per person now in this country. Close your eyes and contemplate how this can ever be paid back.

Get everything in order ahead of time. Do not be fooled by this stock market - the Federal Reserve has been pumping it up acting as your stock broker using debt of this nation - it will all cost you dearly when the market tumbles down naturally.

Another important news item that is not being reported here is China controls 97% of rare earth elements and they are used in a variety of high tech applications such as magnets in cell phones, speakers, radar, car batteries, motors, etc. and the United States is highly dependent on these but China is just starting to deliver only 1/4 of what it use to. You better see the writing on the wall on this one.
Banks pay no interest. I suggest pulling out ALL your money from the banks and storing it somewhere safe, even if it means having a gun and someone always at home watching it. The banks need to all fall for being so greedy.

If you do this, the beginning of fixing this economy will finally start. No more band-aids from the Federal Reserve that just passes your money to the rich!
We need a real run on the banks. Let's start with Chase first. Keep your money at home or put into one of the other large banks and then we choose Bank of America next.

Are you with me on this? Let's start this today. It is time for a revolution and while everyone just sits at home doing nothing, we can make a big point to our government to stop creating more debt to bail out wall street and banks. We need a smaller government and they need to be paid less than those in the private sector. We need to revolt against Congress as well, forcing their salaries to go to no more than $80,000.

Bank run. Chase first. Get started now!
Time for major bank run. Chase bank first on the list then Bank of America. Citigroup after that , then Wells Fargo.

Chase, Bank of America, Citigroup, Wells Fargo. In this order.

We shall make our voices heard to no longer bail out banks and no more pumping up the stock market to pass more of our money to the rich while at the same time making us go further in debt.

This Federal Reserve System has got to go after we take down the major banks.
Sound oversight? Who are you kidding Mr. President?

SEC is worthless. Geitner is worthless. And Bernanke is forcing this country with all his might to cause a collapse. Bernanke is acting as our stock broker to pump up the market using our money and didn't even bother to ask us. He is over-paying for stocks to give money to the ultra-rich. That is who he is working for.

Get Bernanke out then close the Fed and then we vote Democrat. If not, ADIOS!
QE2 is hated by almost the entire population. Burn-Hanky needs to listen to the American people.

I didn't much care in the past if the Fed was legal or not but when it is borrowing our money against our will to prop up the stock market and care not for anything else, it is clearly not working in the best interest of this country.

It now wants higher inflation. The Fed does not care if your food prices go up, and why? Because the rich don't mind it. They know they'll be able to buy up even more homes from the middle class driving this country into massive poverty to give the rich greater control.

Everyone better contact the President, Congress, and the Fed on-line today and every day this week to put a stop to this and also to abolish all activity of the Fed until which it can be dissolved. No more POMO no more anything else. The interest rate setting shall be done by the Treasury Department from now on and no more monkey business.
The Federal Reserve is ruining the normal market dynamics. It is involved in buying S&P500 futures contracts to fool the investing public into buying over-priced stocks. When was this the function of the Federal Reserve?

The Fed has to be abolished right away as others have noted. Do not sit back and do nothing. This is the time in your life that you better get active else the Fed will crush this entire country in giving away this nations money and handing it to the ultra-rich.
America the land of milk and honey no longer. Now the land of careful orchestrated financial oppression.
Labor utilization is 58% meaning 42% of working age adults are out of work.
240K adults, 140K have at least a part-time job. 140/240=0.58 Check government web sites. It will show this.

But of the 42% without a job so many are not counted, some for good reason like the several million in jail, but that still leaves many more than just the 10-15 million out of work that the government claims. Take out 45% of the 100 million for being rich or in jail or disabled, naturally or through mishap and you have 0.45*100=45 million who should not be included in the 100 million out of work which translates to 55 million who want a job but out of work.

Then 140+55 million = about 195 million = the true labor force population.

55/195 = 0.28 = 28% real unemployment rate.

Do not let anyone tell you otherwise.
Nikkei is down, and that is the market that America will be most like soon enough so I wouldn't say world markets are up.

Stock markets in the United States need to go down a full 50% to reflect the huge debts and rare earth element deficiency brought about by China delivering only 25% of them to this country now.
"The communique by the finance ministers at the meeting in South Korea failed to agree on a U.S. request to keep current account imbalances at around 4 percent. That would require heavy exporters like China and Germany to boost domestic demand, in turn helping other countries like the U.S. export more."

This is a vow? Why do we keep getting propaganda headlines that are not true?
From briefing doot com also on yahoo finance front page:
"The greenback is currently down 0.7% against a basket of major foreign currencies. Among those currencies the yen set a 15-year high against the dollar overnight. Some attribute the moves to a lack of agreement regarding treatment of the dollar in global trade during the G-20 talks this past weekend."

So, do you see irony in the headline of the story on this posting page?

Lack of agreement is not a vow of agreement.

Outright lies being fed to the American public.
Burn-Hanky probably told banks to mess up to delay the process.

Do not believe anything coming out from the bearded wonder who wants to give us more inflation on top of our current inflation.

You like food prices now? Wait a month and see them 10% higher. Burn-Hanky does not concern himself with food price inflation - this is the truth.
FDIC now putting out ads to try to prevent people from pulling money out of banks.

There has been big withdrawals to deal with inflation caused by the Fed and from no longer trusting banks.

Start the bank runs now! pull out of all major banks today. Do not delay!
"Fed will buy assets like Treasury bonds to lower long-term interest rates and boost the economy"

oh, and how will it boost the economy by transferring money into the hands of the wealthy?

people betting on fair prices in the stock market are losing money-does that help the economy? the fed is suppose to maintain fair prices and not be making asset bubbles but it loves asset bubbles because it wipes out the middle.
Time for a real bank run on all major banks.

Burn-Hanky is trying to fool everyone. Fed probably told the banks to cause problems to delay the inevitable. He hates facing problems head-on and just wants to keep pumping up the stock market,. Just like when home prices went up higher than they should have-he could have raised interest rates to fix the problem but that would have spooked the stock market so he did nothing and furthermore lied to us all saying the housing was no problem.
BANK RUN BANK RUN BANK RUN. All you need to know. Send a message to this out of control Federal Reserve. I pulled out ALL but $300 to pay bills. If you have many thousands of dollars pull it out and put into a smaller bank in your area. Force the big banks to fail as they should have. They do not care about you, Bernanke does not care about you. But when this is done politicians better start listening to us.

Bernanke wants your food prices to go up even higher so he can pump up the stock market. You must not let him do this!
Bank run on Bank of America, Citibank, Chase, and Wells Fargo.

Start today and be done by end of this week.

Let's make a powerful statement NOW!
Your food prices already too high and Bernanke wants them to go up 10% more before December.

You better pull out all your money from banks, contact the President, Congress, and the Fed and tell them you have had enough of being toyed with.
The Fed under Bernanke will crush our country even more. Pumping up stock prices actually makes middle america angry in that it sees where the Fed concentrates his energy in - helping the wealthy only.

Bernanke totally ignores food price inflation and higher food prices are coming from his misplaced policies.

People are choosing to pay down their debt and the per-person savings is now at $966 and falling $1 per day. Pumping more money into the system will not change this trend. People are very scared of debt and of the $111 Trillion unfunded liabilities, and government debt now exceeding the GDP ($16.7 T vs. $14.6 Trillion - see on

Please ask your guest what he thinks of the outrageously high food prices and ask him what he thinks of Bernanke forcing prices to go even higher.
Same as in 1999.

Wall Street, now with the Federal Reserve and media are pushing hard for people to throw their money into stocks right before they fall as everyone knows the market is propped up by the Fed and not a real rally based on profits. We have huge debt hangover, employment problems, and more and none of it is being addressed.

The Fed just wants to give your money to the wealthy - that's all he has been doing.
I am putting 100% of my money on this market crashing, plus i borrowed 30% more as I am that sure of it.

This market was pumped up by fictitious money from the Federal Reserve. You can't get an even more fake rally than this. We have a debt exceeding our GDP and getting worse because our government is only throwing money at the problems and not fixing anything.

I will be proved right.

You people who listen to the normal news need to look up us debt org site and look it over really well.

Good luck. No happy times in America for 5 years guaranteed. Get a garden growing, buy a gun and stop buying gold, it will have hardly a transactional value as food will have. This country is already destroyed and the bad times will be even harsher being Bernanke added fuel to the fire.
Stock paying 3% dividend is a sucker bet. when stocks fall 60% as they rightfully should have done so already, chasing after that 3% turns into a big loss.
I am starting a new corporation by the name of “The People’s Reserve Bank”.

Whenever anyone owes money, the corporation will pay the debt and just carry a large balance sheet.

People will love this. I anticipate this will be the most gigantic IPO in history.